Capstone Project Ideas

A Capstone project is a unique term especially made to refer a situation, where students have to overcome a concrete wall at the end of their academic career. This academic task is very similar to a wall and is very extensive because the project includes practical work or a real-time problem that is needed to be solved. First of all, like a dissertation or a thesis, the student has to submit an idea of the problem, that is needed to be solved. After the problem has been proposed, the students also propose the tools and resources, that would be used by them to solve the concerned research problem. Therefore, the final year project is referred to as the capstone project, and related ideas about the capstone project are not easy to find. Since some of the students who are already doing their research are easily able to find a good topic, while other students are not into research have a hard time finding a good capstone project idea. If students of social sciences are working on any capstone project, then it might not require any hardware, since hardware and software’s are for engineering and computer science students.

On the other hand, the students of the social sciences require a project that has to be a real-life problem, therefore there can be various ideas regarding their social project that they could insinuate from their society. For instance, the emerging countries in the world,  are striving to fight poverty, the 1st world countries are striving to fight for global warming. Therefore, citizens from both the emerging and the 1st world countries have problems of their own. Emerging countries are also fighting for corruption, in Africa leaders are mainly corrupt and they do not invest upon their people, that is the reason why people has to attempt the real-life situational topics for Capstone Project Help. Bill gates conducted research, where he had the vision to produce good quality drinking water from toilets. Since we waste a lot of water in our toilets, so he thought we can make some smart toilets that would provide us with drinking water and would also become the main source of producing energy.

These kinds of problems can be selected as the capstone project examples. Therefore, social sciences students can conduct a qualitative or quantitative capstone project idea. This means that their capstone project problem can be investigated through the collection of questionnaire, interviews or can also be investigated through various statistical tests. While on the other hand, if an engineer has to select a topic about their capstone project then it cannot be quantitative or qualitative research, but it will build hardware or software of the concerned research project that has to be built or extended through the given research project. Academics Writer is able to provide capstone project idea and proper help to conduct the research, therefore even if an engineer or a social sciences student will contact the, then its professionals will help the students concerning their academic discipline and whether they need to conduct a research that has to be quantitative or qualitative in nature.