Essay on Education

Education is simply the process of learning and discovering new things step by step in schools and university. Although schooling is the first priority of people, schooling is not enough for children. Nevertheless, education is important for every individual but is not enough, you should understand what skills you have if you are good in anything just go for it because, in the end, it doesn’t matter which degree you have the only thing that matters is your personal skills. Here we have examples of the most successful personalities. BillGates, who fails in his exams many times. He once said “I failed in some subjects in exams but my friend passed in all now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I’m the owner of Microsoft. So, That’s the statement of the world richest man and developer of the world’s leading software company. 

His journey towards identifying his skills and hard work evidently proved that success is nothing to do with education. Another successful personality Mark Elliot Zuckerberg who takes a risk and leaves his graduation from Harvard University to give more time to Facebook and after creating Facebook he finally completed his degree. The story of FaceBook CEO gives the message to concentrate on your skills that will help you to make the change in the world and become famous. Michael Dell, the man who introduced dell computers he left his medical education starts working on designing the computers. 

 Walt Elias Disney, he dropped out of high school, since childhood he loves to make cartoons and paintings that result he is the creator of famous cartoon characters like mickey mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto. Steve Jobs, another Famous personality,the founder of Apple left College when he was nineteen started to focus on approaching his dreams. Discovering new things, making research always helps you to create unique things. As world becomes more and more developed schools become the business for people and process of education becomes complex for children. It’s good to gain knowledge but it does not stop you from focusing on your skill. 

 If you want to become successful in your life concentrate on your skills. Just take a moment, identify your personal skills and develop them with focus. Education does not give you money but helps you to learn the things that people already discovered in the past. Instead of wasting all the time on high school education you should spend your time on developing your personal skill. When you go to get the job they will not ask you to show your education, they will only ask you about your skills. So if you are good at anything, just do it to make a mark for a world where people start following you and want to become like you. If you are educated as well as skilful you have the opportunity to help less educated people and play your part in the field of education. Education is passing through teachers to students. It is the circle of learning.           

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