How Covid-19 minimised the news about Global Warming

A few months ago humans were campaigning, working and trying to figure out various ways to lower our emissions. Climate change was the number one priority for the human beings but the situation changed ultimately. Nobody thought that we all would be locked in our homes, distancing from each other so that we can be safe. It feels like a plot of a Hollywood movie, but it has become a reality. Most of the countries are in lock down today, people are working from home, some are jobless, some are going through intense trauma. Above all, alot of people have died because of Coronavirus. it seems now that our number one priority has been changed because now we have a bigger threat that is knocking at our doors.

The novel coronavirus, this virus originated in the chinese province of Wuhan. At first, Chinese also did not know about the severity of the virus but it starts to spread and in just a month, China was in lockdown. Afterwards, countries like italy have witnessed most death from the Coronavirus. We all thought that we had to build electric cars, so that we can save our planet form long term devastation but now, we have something else at stake and that is novel Coronavirus type, called as Covid-19, Coronavirus Disease 2019. Most of the world has one few things in mind, how to save their people form dying, how to stop their industries from going bankrupt and most importantly how to eradicate the virus from the face of the earth. 

But it does not mean that the virus cannot make a U-turn, because it can come back, but we need some time so that we can make the vaccines in order to cure the virus. Currently, we know that Cholorquine with the mixture of few other medicines have been used by doctors in order to treat the patients, it is not sure if these medicines work on severe cases or not, additionally different dosages has been used by doctors in order to treat different bodies. Therefore, no one is able to verify the information that these drugs can work in which, and which combination of dosages. When President Trump announced about the effectiveness of these drugs, afterwards a man in america died by using certain dosages of Chloroquine. 

Therefore, no body can refer to take these medications once it can be deemed as effective as to eradicate the coronvirus from the bodies of the human beings. Humans will come back to fight the challenges like Global warming, that could be termed as threat in longer terms, but currently we are fighting for our lives when it comes to virus like this, some people even feel they are asymptomatic but when they are being tested, then they are being identified as positive. It should also be noted that humans need to invest in robotic technologies, entrepreneurs like Bill gates, Elon musk, Mark Zuckerberg should be thinking about investing upon robots that can work to save the lives of the humans beings, specially in health care. Because, considering the current situation, we are sending humans beings to save human beings, therefore we have to save lives, on the both end. 

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