Arts Writer

An art writer is a person who writes about arts i.e. paintings, theatre, music, etc. An art writer is also known as art critics. An art writer writes about the likes and dislikes of certain art. These critics are like reviews for the audience who then decide whether the art is worthy of attention or not.

Art critic writer

An art critic is a person who analysis art subjects and gives a compressive review of it. The review acts as a grade given to the art and helps people decide on how good or bad is the artwork. To be an art critic the person should specialize in their field and always be active on the lookout to find that interest them. The only way to become a successful art writer is to keep writing and practising their skills. There are a few steps an art critic should know while making creating a review about the art. The first step is always to describe what they see then to analyze and inspect every angle of the art. The third step is to finds its real meaning and lastly is to make a review of all the things combined.

Freelancing Arts Writer

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Famous Art Writer

Here are the names of some of the famous art writers:

  • Pliny the Elder
  • Giorgio Vasari
  • Johnathan Richardson
  • Louis Van Lou

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