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Fantasy writing is often one of the most complex trade to profess for the writers

Here’s why its one of the complex writing genres of all time;


1. Worldbuilding: Fantasy stories typically require the creation of an entirely new world or a unique version of our own world. This involves designing its geography, history, cultures, magic systems, creatures, and more. Developing a coherent and immersive world that feels believable and consistent can be a challenging task.


2. Rules and Logic: When crafting a fantasy world, writers need to establish a set of rules and logic that govern the world’s functioning. These rules may include the limitations and capabilities of magic, the laws of physics, or the social structures within the world. Keeping these rules consistent throughout the story is crucial to maintain coherence and avoid plot holes.


3. Character Development: Developing compelling and relatable characters is essential in any genre, but fantasy often introduces additional complexities. Characters may possess unique abilities, come from different cultures or species, or face extraordinary circumstances. Writers need to create characters that resonate with readers while staying true to the world they’ve built.


4. Plotting and Structure: Crafting a well-paced and engaging plot is a challenge in any genre, but fantasy can add further complexity. With vast worlds, multiple storylines, and intricate plots, writers must carefully manage the pacing, balance multiple narrative arcs, and tie up loose ends. Weaving together these elements can require careful planning and meticulous attention to detail.


5. Originality: The fantasy genre is saturated with countless books, movies, and games, making it a challenge for writers to create something fresh and original. Standing out from the crowd and avoiding clichés can be difficult, as readers often have certain expectations and tropes associated with fantasy. Striking a balance between familiarity and novelty can be a delicate task.


6. Consistency and Retention: Fantasy stories can be complex and sprawling, spanning multiple volumes or even epic sagas. Maintaining consistency across numerous books, keeping track of details, and ensuring that readers can follow the intricate plotlines and character arcs require significant effort and planning.


Despite its challenges, fantasy writing also offers great opportunities for creativity, imagination, and exploration of universal themes. With careful craftsmanship and a deep understanding of the genre, writers can create rich and captivating stories that transport readers to magical worlds and inspire their imagination.