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What is TEFL! Why Is Academics Writer so concerned about it!

TEFL abbreviates as “Teach English As Foreign Language”. TEFL certification is mostly done by those who want to teach English in countries of Native America; Brasil, Mexico etc. Also in countries like China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, HongKong etc. We are more concerned about you because, knowledge sharing is very necessary in this world, and most of the nations are not progressing just because these nations do not focus on speaking English, which is a very drawback for them. Therefore, Academics Writer’s TEFL Assignment Help will be able to demonstrate and assist you all along the way, when you are doing this certification. Our Professional TEFL trainer will help you with all the levels of TEFL, from LEVEL 1,2,3,4,5 to Standard 1,2.3.

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Students are looking for assistance regarding TEFL course assignments all the time, but they waste so much time in order to find a good online service. Are you having the same problems, then you are surfing the right forum! If you have already completed the first five units of the TEFL course, then we know that now a plethora of assignments are coming your way and they will bother you a lot.  They will disturb your social life and what not! will become a reason for your headache.  Now TEFL assignments will be a nightmare, therefore if you require any assistance regarding the TEL assignments then don’t Worry! We have arranged a team of professionals just to help you out. Academics Writer team will provide UAE and UK students with online TEFL course assignment assistance and we can also guarantee that it would be the best and the most effective solution that you could find out there.

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We are proud to say that we are the most respectable and the most dedicated company out there, that is working to get the best out of your results, our TEFL Assignment Help is the top of the heap. For your TEFL certification, we have devised a number of ways that you can easily complete and get certified. There are many ways through which we can help you, including listed TEFL Course assignments below;

Academics Writer Recruited the Top Professionals in the industry!

Our TEFL trainers have been the most effective and formidable among all, they are specially hired to assist you to attain the Certification of TEFL successfully. There are problems for students who want to do several courses side by side in order to advance their professional career. Therefore, in that case, especially, the TEFL who has been teaching English, their whole life assist you to get through your problems. TEFL trainers have the following attributes;

  1. They possess numbers of years of experience and possess a Master or PhD Degree in TESOL
  2. They are also experienced about the utilisation of the online tools in order to educate their students from longer distances
  3. The Professionals are motivated enough to teach the students with all of their commitment and dignity, they put a lot of hard work so that their students would not be able to undergo any problems

How Academics Writer has become the No.1 TEFL Assignment Help provider!

  1. Years of Experience to understand the problems relating to students and the curriculum of students
  2. 24/7 customer support
  3. Dedicated and Enthusiastic professionals
  4. Authentic quality of work
  5. The utilisation of relevant resources
  6. Proper guidance
  7. Total productivity
  8. Guarantee Success Rate

Please contact customer support for further assistance if you have any other inquiries about the TEFL course assignments.


  • Assignments of TEFL – Vocabulary Teaching Table
  • Assignments of TEFL – Vocabulary Matching Activity
  • Assignments of TEFL – Comprehension Questions
  • Assignments of TEFL – Comprehension Memo
  • Assignments of TEFL – Teacher Language
  • Assignments of TEFL – Lesson Plan


  • Assignments of TEFL – Vocabulary Teaching Table
  • Assignments of TEFL – Budget worksheet
  • Assignments of TEFL – Planning a vacation budget
  • Assignments of TEFL – Dictionary Quiz
  • Assignments of TEFL – Essay
  • Assignments of TEFL – Activities
  • Assignments of TEFL – Authentic Reading Passage
  • Assignments of TEFL – Evaluation


  • Assignments of TEFL – Evaluation
  • Assignments of TEFL – PPP Grammar
  • Assignments of TEFL – Teacher Language
  • Assignments of TEFL – Word Card Game
  • Assignments of TEFL – Gap-fill Memo
  • Assignments of TEFL – Gap-fill activity
  • Assignments of TEFL – Board Plan
  • Assignments of TEFL – Lesson plan

Time Durations of TEFL levels

  • Courses of Level 3
  • Level 5 Course combined for abroad
  • Courses 120-hour online
  • Courses 180-hour online
  • Courses 300-hour online
  • Courses 250-hour diploma
  • Courses 20-hour Classroom TEFL Course
  • The course of 168-Hour Online for Level 5
  • The course of 188-Hour Level for Level 5
  • The course of 198-Hour for Level 5
  • The course of 20-Hour Weekend
  • The course of 30-Hour Weekday
  • The course of 140-Hour Premier
  • The course of 150-Hour Premier Course
  • 10-Hour Telephone Teaching
  • 10-Hour Teaching Large Classes
  • 20-Hour Online Video Observation
  • 30-Hour Teaching Business English
  • 30-Hour Teaching Young Learners
  • 40-Hour Teaching English Online