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The services out there are charging more and more for additional services, 10 pounds more for editing, 10 pounds more for reviewing the more, 12 pounds more for plagiarism report. We are not hungry for money since we are already providing those things for free. Dissertation contents for your acknowledgement are given as below;

  1. Abstract – Summary of the dissertation
  2. Introduction – introduce the audience to the topic
  3. Literature review – provide the past researches, articles, newspapers about the concerned topic of research, quote various things against and in favour of the research topic
  4. Methodology – Provides with the topic and contents of methods, tools that will be used for collecting and analyzing the data. This chapter also decides whether quantitative or qualitative methodology will be used in the research, decides the sample population also
  5. Results – provides the results, if the research is not entirely based on literature, then this chapter is not required. Otherwise, if the research was quantitative; the results from statistics with graphs can be provided, the results with tests like; Regression, correlation, T-test, Anova one way or two-way test. If the research was qualitative the results of interviews could be provided
  6. Recommendation – Various proposals could be provided for future researches, what more could be done about the topic etc
  7. Conclusion – Various conclusions could be provided for the given topic of research
  8. References – All the references used within the literature or in any other chapter are listed in this chapter
  9. Appendices – This chapter provides or given the references to any statistics or pictorial data that is used from other researches, that data could be included in this chapter

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