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BTEC stands for the business and technology education council. There are several courses conducted under this institution for students and professionals in many universities around the world where they hone their skills at a more advanced level by experiencing the strict professional environment conducted by the universities. The study of BTEC is slightly tougher than a traditional grade degree because here you are supposed to grab the finest understanding of the topic that you opted. The following are the main domains where students are taken for further enhancement in their careers.

We have compiled the list of BTEC courses and given a short intro about each of them so you may get a broader exposure of what can BTEC offers you and how may you benefit yourself by implementing its teaching in order to advance your career without spending years.

List of BTEC Courses

  • Applied Sciences

You have an option to choose the applied sciences major in your BTEC if you have a background of pure sciences and engineering. There is a huge demand and wide scope in the field of natural sciences and their practical implications. Applied sciences BTEC courses are considered slightly challenging for students as it deals with the understanding of the details of the subject, more than what you have studied in your academics before but truly it is what helps to open countless doors of opportunities in the domain of research and development.

  • Arts

It is about creative methodologies of subjects related to general interest like writing, painting, pottery, designing and anything relevant to your prior degree in arts subjects. The course work of BTEC in arts helps students to further utilize their skills to a much broader platform in the supervision of expert BTEC helpers and professionals.

  • Business BTEC

In this course, you are given a thorough guideline about the business-related practices based on real-life examples as well as business development, marketing, globalization, sales, revenue, business strategies, small to big corporation structure, business laws, and state policies are included with the details construction with the futuristic approach.

  • Engineering BTEC Course

After getting a graduate degree in engineering from any university, you are offered a rich technological environment of BTEC programs around the world where you acquire a profound knowledge of engineering principles, production, development, R&D and best engineering practices from BTEC professionals to have a sound knowledge of every aspect of this field.

  • Media BTEC Course

Mass media and broadcasting, every topic is covered to give you a wide variety of media strategies and get you equipped to overcome the particle challenges in the domain of popular media institutions and your professional progress as an employee.

  • BTEC in Healthcare

If you are have been into the healthcare environment with a degree related to hospitality and medicine, you are good to go for BTEC professional healthcare course to enhance your scope for getting employed due to distinct expertise acquired form BTEC course.

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