Instructions about orders and their Terms and Conditions 

Instruction about the order provides a clear picture to the writer, that what is to be included in order to complete and original and correct paper that is according to the instructions. Instructions should be provided in a clear and concise manner so that this information could be utilized easily in order to conceive the paper. If information is not provided in a clear manner, and also if instructions are not provided clearly while filling the order form then the company might not be responsible to change the paper or to refund the money, in this case, a client has made a mistake and cannot ask for the refund. It could only be acceptable in a case when the client has changed the instructions before the writer had started working.

Delivering the order and their Terms and Conditions

At Academics Writer, the papers are delivered on time and sometimes before the deadlines but the deadlines are set automatically on the date when the customer made its payment. If a customer has ordered on 1-2-2022 then the deadline is set for 6 days deadline but the payment has been accepted on 3-2-2022 then the deadline will be automatically exceeded to 8-2-2022.  Additionally, if due to any technical difficulty, we are unable to provide you the work then our clients will be informed through emails and they are also eligible to ask for the refund in this case but this case is very exceptional.

Revisions and their Terms and Conditions 

In our policy services of writing, every conceived paper has been reviewed many times in order to ensure that it is conceived according to the requirements of the client. There are not many chances for revisions, but even if a customer wants us to revise their paper and to make small change then we are very happy to do it but on the other hand, if the customer is changing the initial details and wanting us to make big changes then it is not possible. A client has to provide the correct feedbacks because we work upon the client’s instruction and therefore the correct feedbacks means a lot to us. Again, it is to be clarified that revisions can only be made when the client thinks that something is missing in the paper, concerning the initial instructions given by the client. Otherwise, on the basis of new instructions, the revisions will not have proceeded.

Order cancellation and its Terms and Conditions 

Clients are able to easily avail this offer that they can cancel their orders, the cancellation of the order can also be easily processed by avoiding the processing of payment and clients can also simply tell the customer representative agent to cancel the order. In the case, when the work has already been started by our team then it could not be cancelled. Additionally, due to any exceptional reason, we also keep the right to cancel the order. At this time, it is requested that clients should communicate with customer service representatives.

Refund or Money back-related Terms and conditions

Concerning the below situation, your money can be refunded and returned;
• If Visa debit/credit card has been charged due to any particular mistake
• If Visa debit/credit card has been charged additionally as an extra payment
• If the requirements of the paper have not been fulfilled
Otherwise, the company cannot be deemed responsible for the refund.


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