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 U.S politics are never free of scandals and mishaps, the current day the president of united states have also made it very easy for people to make good news. Because the president is always on the news, with some scandal. Donald Trump who was a playboy, a business tycoon and a celebrity has become the U.S politician. This news was shocking to the whole world, that why people of united states have chosen this man to be their president. The worst fears of the people have come true when he abused his presidential powers for his own gain. Now, he has been impeached and can be removed from office. Trump was very near to start a war with Iran, that could have been a new news topic, and Iran has also been the focus of the news media and politics writer since they mistakenly brought down a passenger plane. It was a brutal act, but Iran only apologized and said that it was a human error. The dynamics of politics will change every day, since the world, has various countries and somewhere, something is always happening. If you want to write a book on any political topic, then contact academics writer now, to place your order, we will assign the best political writer to write your book.

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American politics is rich with drama, especially nowadays, when you will find so much happening in the United States. Especially with the current in White House, there is always a buzz, there is always a story. All the late-night shows have dedicated their programs on trump and his fanatics. They use the adventures of Donald Trump to make money because people love to laugh at him and especially the term used by fake news have also become a part of the discussion. Before he used that term, there were no debates on the topic of fake media, but now considering the fake Facebook political ads, it has become a big debate. Order now, to get your blog, website or book in written form, now and get your discounts too!