Produce an individual 3,000 word Reflective Business Strategy Report, following

your active participation in the BSG:

The Tasks

  1. Evaluate the major strategic decisions made during the six-round BSG simulation. Reflect on one round that stood out, why and key lessons learnt.

30 marks

  • Reflect on relevant theoretical frameworks applicable to understanding the internal, external and competitive environments of your business; and discuss how these frameworks helped in shaping decisions made in your BSG.

30 marks

  • Critically evaluate the impact of ONE specific emerging technology on the future of your business and make useful recommendations to future managers.

30 marks

4. Present a high standard and professional reflective report.



To pass this assignment you must satisfactorily complete all elements of the reflective report as prescribed in the Report Structure – Please refer to the report structure in the assessment & assessment guidelines on VLE.

Effectively, your reflective report must demonstrate:

  • Your active participation in the BSG, which is the essence of the reflective report.
  • Your ability to reflect on decisions and lessons learnt from outcomes.
  • Your applicable knowledge of theoretical frameworks relevant to strategy


  • The awareness of emerging technologies and their impact to business


  • The ability to use Harvard referencing correctly.

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