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Dissertation proposal

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Dissertation proposal entails the rubrics that would utilized to devise the final dissertation

The dissertations include several chapters like introduction, literature review, methodology, results and analysis, discussion, recommendations and conclusion. On the other hand the form of the proposal is to describe that what kind of research would be implied in the dissertation. Students are able to propose that what kind of methodology (quantitative or qualitative), research questions, interviews, and surveys will be utilized in the main dissertation.

Contents of proposal

  1. Introduction
  2. Research question
  3. Aims and objectives of research
  4. Research process
  5. Literature review
  6. Methodology
  7. References

Form of writing used for proposal

The form of writing that is mostly used in proposal is in the future tense, that what kind of methods, approaches, and tools could be implied to form a definitive dissertation. The main idea of proposal is to provide the teachers with enough information that would lead to the final research. In this way teachers could propose or amend the proposal through which dissertation could be conducted in an effective manner. As you have noted that the proposal does not includes the sections of Results and Analysis, Discussion, conclusion and recommendations etc.  This is due to the reason why it is only called a proposal and these sections would only be illustrated in the final submitted dissertation for which the proposal has been prior checked by the instructor.

Details of contents

Introduction mainly is a very short and concise part of the dissertation proposal in which one could say a summary has been illustrated of the topic regarding the dissertation. Literature review provides the scenario of different papers, journals, books and academic sources that are relevant to the context of the research. The literature review could be utilized to support or argue from the context of the research, whatever the motives these could be supported in the reflection of the literature review by incorporating various researches. Methodology would be able to provide further contents that would be aiming to provide the analysis on tools, aims and approaches to conduct the researches. It implies if the inductive or deductive approach is used, if inductive then interviews would be selected. If deductive then survey should be selected and hypothesis should also be stated with the research questions. Research approach varies in the particular context of interpretivism, objectivism, and constructionism and therefore states that what kind of research would be conducted. Tools could also be stated to acquire, store the research for any ethical aspects. The valuable information should be secured and furthermore the research questions should be devised in a manner that they would not include any personal information. Researcher should give the credit to any implied researches in the on-going research and properly cite and reference the context that has been incorporated in the on-going research. In the next post we will try to demonstrate the dissertation methodology that what kind of methods should be usually able to fulfil the aspects of research in an effective manner.