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Essay on Friendship

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When a new survey has been collected, it was noted the millennials have been the loneliest generation. It was noted by a poll that almost 35 percent millennials felt that they are not cared for and they feel extremely depressed and lonely. It was also noted that only 14 percent of the baby boomers have felt lonely and only 19 percent of the generation x felt lonely also. These numbers are very less as compared to the current generation. That is also because of the wide variety of social media applications, that people do not want to sit in a café or bar and have a normal chat. 

Friendships are very necessary for human life, it is like a life source for human beings. It makes human happy if you have good friends who take care of you and whenever in need, they have your back. According to a survey, 75 per cent people think that their friends are closer to them as compared to their family members.  These people also think that their friends are more helpful to them whenever they are in need and that they do not have good and close relationships with their relatives. The importance of friendship is rated as 98 per cent in a survey that was collected from the ages of all people.

It was also highlighted from a study that was conducted in a U.S university that social media is subjected to decreased physical interaction and friendships, now people want to lay on their bed and like to chat with people, they can also go online, rather than sitting on a café and having a physical interaction.

The above-provided poll has paved a worrisome picture, which indicated that nowadays people go through strong lonely life and they had to experience depression too since they have no or very few acquaintances to help them. The young people are mostly affected by the factor of loneliness, it has been noted from another survey that 20,000 people have suffered from intense loneliness because they do not have friends. The research was conducted from different parts of the countries of UK, Canada, Australia, and Japan, but the results were worrisome and plain simple that people are feeling lonely and that is the main source of their depression. The biggest broadcaster in England BBC, have conducted a survey and the highest age scale of lonely people was among 16 to 24 age of people. In Japan, a similar survey was conducted, it was conducted for the recognition of such people who do not want to leave their homes and want any social contact, they would have made many friends but they like to keep their selves at home. Hence, these people of ages 15 to 39 have doubled since 2010, when the last study was conducted and the current number is amounting to about 550,000 people approximately. Loneliness and lack of new friendships have sent out societies to a new turmoil, the social media apps are not helping to grow connections but they are making people go distant from each other by using their cellphones to chat online. Therefore, politicians are also talking about loneliness in public and it has become a matter of personal health. National campaigns have also been started to combat the loneliness in order to improve the public health scenario.  A minister for loneliness has also been appointed by the British parliament, and the U.S is also working in order to lessen loneliness in their society.