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Essay on Leadership Styles

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What are leadership styles

There are various kinds and types of leadership styles, and most of the leadership styles depend on the personality of an individual. The most common type of leadership styles has been explained here.

Autocratic style

The autocratic style is a kind of leadership style where the boss or the CEO takes the decision without the consent of others. a leader with an autocratic leadership style is experienced and mature enough to take most of the decisions on the basis of his intelligence. Thee sort of leaders are going to be the ones who make all the decisions and plan everything with some help of team members. The autocratic style is not appropriate in some affairs. For example, if an individual autocratic leader is in a group of some inexperienced or fresh team members, and has got the most knowledge about the case, and there is no time for those members to being acknowledged professionally. So, in such cases, an autocratic leader is going to lead the case very efficiently.

Authoritative Style

An authoritative leader is a visionary individual, who works in collaboration with the team members, motivate them in order to get the best out of the team members. This kind of leader could also be known as a “visionary leader” because the leader is supposed to guide the workforce in any particular situation. This kind of individual plans the procedure or the method of the problems and provide it to the team members, in order to overcome the problems. The authoritative leader guides the team members about the future goals, risks that have to be taken in order to overcome the problems and also assist them that which methods or tools can be used to achieve the objectives. This is how an authoritative help the team members. Authoritative leaders take the time explaining the plan and decisions to the team members while an autocratic leader will not do the same. An authoritative leader will always consider the opinion of the team members.

Pacesetting Style

In this type of leadership, a leader makes the team members work harder and pushes them high to the end. Such type of leader makes the members work just as hard as he does, that’s why this style of leadership could be phrased as “Do as I do!”. While this type of leadership carries a lot of hard work and pressure, an individual team member could be hurt or stressed out. Even for a single thing, most professional employees may find this sort of leadership tough.

Democratic style

This type of leadership could be considered more effective because, in such a style, a leader shares the opinion and the idea with the whole team before taking the final decision. Such a leader collects the ideas and thoughts of the team members to perform a task before a final decision. This way of leadership is a way too beneficial for the employees and the leader too. It encourages and promotes the idea of consideration of ideas from the team members. It leads the employee to betterment and more development.

Coaching style

This type of leadership gives a chance to the team members to show their potential and their ideas. Such a leader believes that everyone has their ideas and potential to do a certain work, so the leader gives individuals a small heading to assist them and check their capacity to accomplish all they are competent in.