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Essay On Politics

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The definition of politics

The basic definition of politics is associated with the governing bodies of a country. These governing bodies are responsible for all the worldly matters of a state. Politics on the other hand in simplified terms is the debate between two or more parties for having power over the country. The parties will then form an organization and give the general public the plans and strategies to tackle various problems and tensions amid the country. Every organization has its political campaign or in simplified terms marketing its brand to the public to gain the greatest number of votes to take power of the highest rank in the country the government. Once the power is gained the real politics begin on how to stay in power for the longest period of time.

What actually is politics?

In most countries, an organization that comes into power leads the country for 5 years. In these 5 years, all politics is aimed towards how the governing bodies tackle a certain situation after coming to power. It is the duty of these governing bodies to lead the country to its fullest extent. All the promises made in the campaign plan buy the organization before coming to power needs to be fulfilled for a positive message amid the general public. Most of the campaign plans made before and election are of better health care, proper education for the poor, the increase in job vacations and more. But during the time period, most of the governing bodies in most cases are not able to completely fulfill these plans of action.

Different types of political forms of the government


Monarchy is the political form of government where a certain family rules from generation to generation. Monarchy was formed by a French king called Louis XIV who ruled from 1643 to 1715. Monarchy was the most common type of government until the 19th century. The most common example found nowadays is in the UK where the Monarchy still stands and is active in making all the decisions in the country.


Democracy is the most common form of government in the 21st century. Democracy is said to belong to the public. People vote for who they think has the ability to lead the country and their decision is respected. Democracy is said to be the most unbiased way of electing a leader because only that person is elected to take over the power over the country for who the majority of the people have voted for.


Dictatorship is the political form of government that is led by a single leader having no tolerance for any other kind of idea of lifestyle other than those of his/her own this is also known as political pluralism. The most common example of dictatorship was the Nazi government led by Adolf Hitler.

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