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Impact of Lockdowns on Human Life

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Lockdown means to lock, shut, or close any specific area, city, and the country as well, due to any problem or pandemic. As we all know that nowadays we are surviving, facing, and suffering from a dangerous virus or disease known as Corona Virus (Covid-19). Its first case is reported in the city of china “Wuhan” and started spreading in all cities of the country and then in the whole world and now it’s become a worldwide disease. Corona Virus starts spreading very fast as the fires spread in the woods because of this virus transfer from one human being to another. It is a dangerous worldwide or global pestilence. There is no treatment or any medicine for fighting against it except to be quarantined at home, so being quarantine is a precaution as well it’s a treatment for it.


As the corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic spreading extremely fast so the government of many countries implemented lockdown all over countries to control the spread of this virus, and strictly prohibited human beings from going out of their homes without any solid reasons or in the case of necessities only. This lockdown includes the lock or closure of many segments like the closure of industries, closure of education, closure of social activities, closure of sports, and many more outdoor human activities which a human being usually or regularly do to live good or to feel good. If the people being quarantined at homes and did no go outside for the job, education, sports, and any other outdoor activities and staying or spending all the time at the home then it will highly impact their lifestyles, health, behavior, education, economy, fitness and much more. Here in this scenario or report the impacts of lockdown on human beings in different ways will be discussed in brief.

  • Impacts On Human’s Health and Food System

Spending all day at the home for a long period has harmful effects on human beings’ mental health as well as physical health. Because being quarantined for a whole day at home means that the individual cannot go outside or cannot participate in different human activities which a human being does usually on daily basis like doing the job for earning, going to educational institutions to get an education. Meeting with friends or relatives to feel good, going to parks or amusement places to be relaxed or for amusement is also not possible. So, lockdown impacts more on humans health like mental health, physical health, or lifestyle changing. Human being feels loneliness, feels bad, and worried about their jobs, business, education, etc.

The Corona Virus disease (Covid-19) pandemic has led us to a great loss of human beings’ life in all over the world and gave a tough challenge to humans health as well as to our food system. Covid-19 pandemic affects our food system and created another problem. Trading, import, and export are also closed due to the closure of borders because of Coronavirus lockdown. So, the food distribution is also disturbed and people are not getting the healthy, fresh and safe foods, like vegetables, crops, fruits, etc. The countries which can not produce the crops and any other food and import the corps and other food from other countries to fulfill their food needs are highly disturbed. Agricultural firms or people working or related to agriculture cannot properly sell or distribute crops due to the closure of borders and markets. People who are withdrawn from their jobs due to lockdown or closure of business are now jobless and not earning so, poor people can not buy food items and becomes weak which impacts their health and could lead to death.

  • Impacts On Human’s Education

As we all know that the government of many countries decided to impose the lockdown as well as to close educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic to control the spread of disease. Education of every student or pupil is at risk especially beginners or newly admitted and students who are in their last year of school because beginners initiate their education carrier and it’s their most learning age of every child to initialize their studies. Last year students of the school, college and universities who have to give exams and to be passed out this year are much worried because their year is being wasted and it impacts on their future career. The students become nervous and losing their hopes as well as their parents are worried about their career, people related to the profession of education like a teacher, trainer, coach, and other supporting staff to educational institutions are also worried because they are not getting or earning salary because of the closure of institutions especially people related to private sectors.

  • Impacts On Human’s Economy

Economy, wealth, or money is a major need for human beings to fulfill their wants or needs, or we can say that economy is a must to live a good and comfortable life. Because, every basic need of a human being is to be fulfilled by economies like the need for food, home, education or any other primary or secondary wants can be fulfilled by the economy. Human beings earn economy or money by doing any work, business, job, etc. In the lockdown the business, jobs, and works are closed, people facing trouble in lockdown by becoming jobless and having no work, also businesses are closed. Human beings are very worried because of losing their jobs and closure of their business that now how can they fulfill their needs. So, the lockdown has highly affected the economic conditions of human beings. Ultimately the impact on their health, because people cannot care about their health due to lack of money or people, have not good food as compare to before. Lockdown not only disturbed the daily life of an individual but it has also destroyed the economies of many countries.


The world has changed dramatically in the lockdown. An extraordinary situation, a coronavirus epidemic, has resulted in a tragedy and several human lives have been lost. Thousand of deaths are encountered in the United States as well as other countries due to Covid-19. As countries implement unavoidable quarantines and social distancing practices to prevent the pestilence, the world has been put in a Great Lockdown. The bulk and speed of descent in an activity that has followed is unlike anything experienced in our lifetimes.

This is a disaster like no other, and there is considerable suspicion about its impact on people’s lives and livelihoods. In addition, many countries now face multiple disasters—a health disaster, a financial disaster, and a descent in commodity prices, which interact in problematic manners. Policymakers are giving unparalleled assistance to households, firms, and financial markets, and, while this is critical for a strong recovery, there is considerable uncertainty about what the economic landscape will look like when we pass through this lockdown.


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