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Macho Rabbit

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Metahumans are evolving creatures, and this is the right time to introduce them to this online world. The world is going through a lot of change Macho Rabbit is an evolutionary character that possesses the animal instincts of a rabbit and the manly looks of a macho male in his prime. He started transforming himself from a rabbit to a macho male. His moustache signifies his demeaning presence and he is looking forward to evolving in a meta-human to mark his presence even more than ever. He is not stopping here, he is going to transform himself soon in a 3d and 4d space in future.

 This also means that we require more than what humans can do in this world, and that is how we are going to transform our own world. By introducing the concept of the meta-humans and will solve a lot of humanly problems when men can even have some animal instincts when the world will be error-free because animals take fewer chances while taking their decisions. On the other hand, humans are more reluctant to take risks as compared to animals. Furthermore, the animals introduce more power to humans and this is how we evolve into meta-humans, we are becoming half humans and half animals and we are ready to make this revolutionary change to introduce meta-humans nft that will be the one of their kinds.