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Racism in America

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What is Racism

Racism is a psychiatric belief a harmful and dangerous belief depends on human’s thinking and his ways of thinking which are positive or negative. it’s a belief and some people believe in racism and some does not. Racism means calling someone out on the basis of their colour, their creed or ethnicity. For instance; calling someone black is racism. Additionally, people who are racist think very less of others, for instance, a white racist man would not even help a dying black man or Asian man, because he thinks very less of them. Additionally, white racist people also believe that they are a superior race. There are numerous examples that can be seen in America where white policemen have tortured or killed an unarmed black man. But when we see that the people whom we think they are less than us and can’t doing something are developing doing something better or better than us then we race with them to defeat them just because of our jealousy with them so we do all the things to defeat them which are legal or not, no matter how big crime is that.

Racism in America

As we all know that America is a developed, populated and educated country but when we see racism in America as well we become Wondered. That the people of most populated, developed, educated and superpower country America is also in this belief not now but in history as well. when a first Black American got Admission in an American university he had given a separate desk and place from white Americans . because the white American can not like or bear to sit with a black human being.

Racism is the dark chapter of American history which led us to 250 years of slavery of Black humans. A Constitution is made by the American government to handle the rights, Independence of individual and safety of black people but they are failed to lead the people to Act upon it.

On 25th of the May 2020 an incident took place which shocked the human conscience. This incident happened in a mini place where a white American Policemen without any reason stops a black American named “George Floyd” and hold him then he gets the Black man Down on surface and holds his Knees on Floyd’s neck forcefully.

Floyd asks him continuously the reason that sir what happened, what is the crime, why you are doing this, release me but policemen did not reply Floyd and still holds his knees on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes then Floyd started shouting that release me ‘sir I can’t breathe’ again and again ‘I can’t breathe’ but the policemen did not release him and at last the breaths of Floyd stopped for Always.

The behaviour of white policemen with the black Floyd can not forget able so this incident led the black people for protest again against the government of America and this policeman but this time not only black people of America also white people of America and the whole world especially western countries protested against this because no human being can bear at least see that type of behaviour. Government of America should do steps for the rights of Black People of America and people of America should clean their mind from Racism before it led them and their country towards destruction.