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The Third Window

We go through a lot in relationships, the stream of emotions that we have to feel can totally destroy or can change the face of our lives entirely. It can go both totally wrong or totally right at the same time. We regret when we get into a toxic relationship, our partners have the tendencies to turn around our lives very quickly. One day we are feeling that we have got everything in our life and the other day our dreams can be shattered. Especially, if we are trying to make things work with those people who have their own plans in their mind. The relationship can only work, if we are both thinking in the same direction, otherwise, if our plans are different then this might affect the lives of both individuals. Why does this happen, that people have their own plans while being totally committed with a person, they are thinking about having different things or trying to achieve different goals in life. There are various facts and problems in this case that we can discuss, it can be because of the unfaithful nature of the people, it can be because they are matched with the wrong people. There are other things like inconsistencies within life, because of finances, because of emotional instability, because of wrong decisions, because of bad advice given by family or friends. Anything can happen, and that is the reason why here we are going to talk about who you are, and what kind of partner you should have. A partner that warmly opens the third window, the third window is your key to a happy and long-lasting relationship but only if you and your partner are truly and warmly willing to open the third window together, then that is it.

The third window doesn’t mean any magic spell or it is not some secret catchphrase for a happy relationship, but the third window precedes two other stages. This means a long-lasting relationship can have up to three stages. The first stage is Analysis which includes analysis of personality, analysis of emotions, analysis of a person mentality. This is the stage where a person has to “diagnose and analyse” everything about their partner, they can test it through any particular way and this has to be done if you are ready to move on. Ready to move on to the second stage that is the stage of “recognition and realization“, and a very prominent part of it can be a big breakup. Yes, a big breakup is what can make you understand that what can go wrong if you continue such a relationship with that person. But that breakup is an eye-opener because now you understand such things about a person that you don’t approve of. But the realization of the fact that you can go through their emotions, go through their mental problems, go through their unstable life and can still compromise can take you towards the third window but remember the same things should be happening from the other side too. Your partner should be ready to accept whatever problems you have or had in your life. Whether it comes with friends or family, whether those problems comes with your own being. Otherwise, move on, and don’t skip a beat. I am going to talk about the truth here, and only truth.

Lets just self analyse ourselves, who can be in our league or who can be out of our league. Do we have a chance with that person or we have to give up a lot of things just to be in a relationship with that person. Are we obese, not good looking enough, then what should we opt for. Because lets just be real, a good looking man or a good looking woman mostly look for a good looking person. It is hardly a chance that a person who is as good looking as a super model would look to be in a relationship with an obese or a less good looking person. So, what we have to do is to be in our league, else we have to work on ourselves, it is easy for humans to be in relationships and to make equal decisions with people who are in their league. If you are an average looking person, find an average looking person, if you are good looking person find a good looking person. Otherwise, you will have to have to compensate, either compensate with your money, time or with your emotions, it means you have to spend more time, emotions, money to get what you want. In the other case, if you are looking to find a partner who is equal in characteristics as you, then it would be favourable for you. Then again, if you are looking for a person who is not as good looking as you, then again they would be spending more emotional and financial wealth on you. Its easy for you to decide now…

This is all reality, you can be an odd couple, with an average looking body and average looking face living with a millionaire. But that happens very circumstantial, either you met that person before he or she was a millionaire or before he or she was famous. Only in such cases that can happen, try being a normal Asian guy getting into a relationship with some Victoria secret supermodel, it cannot happen since that relationship looks unbalanced. Therefore, when you find a person who is equal in characteristics, hence life becomes easier for you. Stop chasing things that can make your life miserable and try to achieve what you can for now, especially when it comes to relationships. Finding a right person is also not very easy, but here we are going to talk about the right and the wrong signs that could make or break the relationships. We are going to talk about all the right and wrong signs that we should understand about people, and should not be blind by the false emotional attachment that they are promising us.

Let’s talk about the third stage that is the most prominent of all, in which you are past all the analyses and diagnosis but this stage is about “affirmation” and moving on and settling down. In this stage you know that a person is not in a relationship with you for any financial favours, the person stands firm with you, can be your backbone when you are down and out, and will not leave you while you are an emotional mess. The emotional mess can be because of life long problems, family, finances, again we have gone through it all in the first and the second stage and in this stage, we are thinking to carry on such a relationship and not stop at any cost. Our emotional wealth is also very important for us, we can not grant it to the wrong person, a person who would only exploit it. Because granting our valuable emotional wealth is like ripping off our money with our own hands or burning our money. Therefore, we have to keep a check that we are not granting our emotional wealth to the wrong person.  Keep it locked, and only grant its key to the correct person, a person who is willing to go until the third window with you.

Lets suppose you are an average looking person, in a relationship with a person who is out of your league. You are trying to compromise on everything, you are granting emotional and financial wealth, but what you are getting in return, you are totally unhappy with it. Within your mind, a war is going on, where you are fighting with yourself to move on with your partner, but your emotional being is asking you not to move on and to end this relationship at the first or the second stage. Because deep down, every person knows that what is right and wrong for themselves but they are unable to make their decisions, because they have already invested a lot of emotions and finances to their relationship that they are willing to move on and compromise more. But then again, it leads to devastation and anger and hatred that is growing inside them day by day. So, in order to make a good decision in this case, just ask the person very close to you, can be a good friend, or family member and take their +1 opinion, just tell them what ever you are going through, don’t try to take your partners side, in this case its about you, and not your partner, so just them what you are going through and act on their +1 opinion.

Going through the third window is not easy, you have to still do a lot of sacrifices to make sure, you are not going to step into a ditch that would ruin your life. Find someone who is willing to do the distance with you, who does not care if you do not have enough finances, who do not care if you are an emotional mess, who knows how to make you look good even when you are going through your bad times. In these times a person is being tested, and same goes for you, learn to be with those who were there for you in your bad times, the time you are investing on them is going to be worth it, hence you can rely on them with your time and your emotions. Being in a third window means you are not looking for a start, but it means stability, at this point of time, you can be happily married or keep a good stable relationship, whatever you two are comfortable with, just happily enjoy the moments of your life.