Part A

Your company has been appointed contractor. on a design and build basis. for the Intent of office

development shown on the three drawings (attached to the end of this document). This rneans

that your company has the overall responsibility for the management of site operations

including the co-ordination of safety and health.

Yol have been designated by your company as the person who will have the responsibility for

managing the trade package associated with the erection of the in situ concrete frames to the

two office blocks. Carefully examine the drawings (see appendix A1 of the Intent project in order

to gain an understanding of the construction and layout of the in situ concrete frames to the tvn

Office blocks unk corricm) and the site processes necessary for their construction.

Specific Requirements

Ycw are required to:

1. Prepare a site plan to an appropriate scale showing how you would cyganize of the

site to include entry and exit points, administrative and storage areas, plant positions,

movement corridors. etc., during the phase of projEt when the concrete are

being cmstructed [max size 1 sheet Of A3]

2. Comment briefly [approx. 300 words] on how your layout reflects good practice in

terms of health and safety and the efficient utilisation of resources


Describe and justify the safety and health measures that must be implemented for

the erection of the in situ concrete frames (approx. 600 words]

Part B


The table shown in Appendix B contains a list of operations relating to the construction of a two-storey block of flats to be constructed fcr a Housing Association. The contract has been let on under JCT Design & Build Contract and the contract period is 14 weeks.

Specific Requirements

You are required to:

Produce a construction program (Gantt Chart) the entire project (max size 1

sheet Of A31.

2. produce a resource histogram identifying the total number Of workers on site each

week Of the contact period [max size 1 sheet Of A3J

3. Produce a revised construction program to take account of your OS’s inability to empty two carpentry gangs. In the year revised program the maximum number of carpenters you will have for the project is fotr Imax size 1 sheet of A31.