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Essay on Coronavirus Treatment

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Folding@home is a project designed by the university of the Stanford, in order to fight the coronavirus. Through this particular project, personal computers, laptops, gaming consoles can contribute towards the creation of a virtual super computer. This supercomputer will be able to conduct the simulations for the spike proteins that will act as the antibodies for the virus itself. Therefore, this spike protein has to adapt different shapes and, the best shape adapted by it that has to be used to defeat the Covid-19 has to be found. 1000 volunteers are needed at this time by the Stanford university who can contribute their energy towards the creation of the Virtual Super computer.

it is also being estimated that in only 24 hours this particular system can get such data that could be only attained through the a single personal computer in 1000 years. Modelling and prediction of the shapes that could be used to defeat the coronavirus, is the most effective way to deal with the pandemic. The protein spikes will fold and unfold and then match with best possible shape in order to attach them selves with the human cells. A lot of unused electric power is required by the scientists in order to solve this particular problem. This case, will speed up the process and provide a better solution than the drugs that are currently used to treat the virus. 

Therefore, the mathematical models and the simulations will be very effective in this case in order to find the cure of the Covid-19. on the other hand, drugs like Remdesivir and Chloroquine have also said to be effective interms of treating the virus. Various leaked directives has also indicated that chinese were treating their patients with the dosage of the Chloroquine. This drug has also been supported by FDA because it has been in the world since it has been present in this world from around 1947. Not only this but the Kaletra, a drug that is mostly used to treat HIV. Additionally, humans have also been thinking about creating the monoclonal antibodies. These drugs will be given to only the high risk people that can infect other people. For instance, people who work in health care, the are very prone to the virus. Not only this people who are around the old people will be the carriers of the Coronavirus and they can become the cause of the death for the old people, therefore in order to break this particular chain monoclonal antibodies is also the best alternative.