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Essay on Covid Delta Variant

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There is a big surge in the number of Covid cases around the world, it is because of the fact that coronavirus is now evolving as also said by the WHO chief. Now the world is dealing with the Delta variant of the coronavirus. It has also been recommended by the WHO, the people who are even vaccinated should be wearing masks so that transmissions of the Covid Delta variant can be stopped. It has been signified by the WHO chief that if the transmissions increases then there will be more variance of the COVID-19. Therefore it is very important for people to follow the precautions, where are the masks and remain socially distanced from other people, all the guidelines given by the WHO should be followed at all times so that the increase in transmissions could be stopped and hence, humans live through the other day to see no more variants of the coronavirus. It has been indicated by the WHO technical lead that now the countries have to be extra cautious because the situation of the world is getting very susceptible to new variance the Delta variant has been approved and it can be very dangerous for the people of any country especially those countries in which people have not been vaccinated yet not only this even in those countries where the immunization percentages are higher the Covid Delta variant would be very damaging to the health of the people, this Covid variant can also make the epidemic curve exponential.

It has also been noted that around the world not only delta variant has to be taken care of, but there are other variants including many sub-variants also, that would also put the lives of the people at risk all over the world. We have been seeing the progress of people getting vaccinated all around the world, and it will help the countries to fight with coronavirus, but even then the viruses evolve and then we have to do better research and timely development in order to modify our vaccines according to the new variants of viruses.

Delta variant of coronavirus was first detected in India and now it has been identified in at least 92 other countries and this variance is even better as compared to the previous variants, it can transfer from one body to the other at a faster rate. Which has also been indicated that as compared to the Alpha variant of the coronavirus this variant is 30% faster therefore it is dominating the previous variants of coronavirus as far as the transmission rate is concerned. This Covid variant is very resistant to the vaccines that were previously developed for the alpha variant therefore even after getting the first dose off the vaccine, humans will be susceptible to the delta variant of the coronavirus.

This also means that humans need to develop more and more vaccines according to the Delta variant because it has a higher transmission rate as compared to the previous variants. Side-by-side research and development should be happening as far as the vaccines are concerned, and people should be vaccinated to give them total protection from the Covid Delta variant. Furthermore, the Delta variant of the coronavirus has a higher transmission rate, this fact has been established by the number of cases increasing day by day but even then, the scientists are not sure that’s how this variant is able to transmit faster as compared to the previous variants.

Two possible reasons that have been indicated by scientists, in this case, it can be a higher viral load which means that people are emitting more particles. On the other hand, it can be a case where people are being infected with smaller proportions of the virus, which is enough to spread the disease and continue the transmission of the Delta variant of coronavirus. It can also happen for the people who were very standing in close proximity with the carrier and breathe the exact time then the carrier was breathing hence they caught the virus just in time. For WHO is still urging the people that they should be fully vaccinated with the vaccines that were created for the alpha variants, additionally people should also be wearing their masks and keeping social distance from the other people, who might be carrying the Delta variant.

Last Friday, Israel where 50% of the population is being vaccinated has imposed and mandated the wearing of masks at all times. It is because of the fact that the delta variant it’s spreading very fast and the mass precaution has just been lifted off 10 days before, and now it has been imposed as a serious precaution. It has also be noted in Israel Number of infections had been quadrupled in the last week and it has also lead to two school outbreaks. Now even 12 to 15-year-old people can be vaccinated additionally the rise in the cases of coronavirus in Israel has also led to the increase in admissions in hospital this means more and more people have to isolate and more and more will be getting sick. In the coming days, the transmission has to be stopped, people around the world has to be vaccinated so that we can impose a stop to the transmission of this kind of viruses in future.