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Essay on Drones

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The term drone is-defined as a flying vehicle that can be controlled without a pilot most-of the time the drones are used for military purposes because, in drones, there is no risk of the life of a pilot. Another reason for using drones is that drones don’t need to do rest. Therefore drones can perform work until the fuel ends drones, are also free of mechanical faults, and very accurate in achieving their objective.  The strategy of using drones in the war is very-old like the aeroplanes the first drones used in the war were in the middle of the 1800s in the form of bomb-filled balloons by country of Austria. Even today, many countries like America, Israel, and China are working hard in the field of military drones to create stealth fighter military drones. The drones are sometimes also used for some other purposes such as delivery and also keep an eye on the weather conditions such as storm, flood, volcanic activity, or rain.


1.     Uses of Drones in the Military:

Top Five Country Militaries Having Advance Drone Technology:

After the Second World War in the era of modern warfare, technology such as drones can make a big difference. Therefore many countries all over the world are working hard to gain top quality drone technology, especially superpowers like America and China are researching developing top quality drones having stealth technology and can use EMP weapons. The top five countries having dominating advance technology is given below:

(A)  United States of America:

The United States of America, after becoming a world, superpower start working very hard in the field of drone technology, which boosts its military power all over, the world. The United States of America military also uses these drones in multiple operations in the region of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan, especially against the war of terror and sometimes for the spying purpose.  Although the United States of America made progress in the field of drone technology in the past years because of some reason, researchers all over the world believe that the-progress in drone technology is comparatively slow. The United States military and navy are now working hard to develop drones base on stealth technology and EMP weapons to boost its power. America is also working to develop drones for multiple purposes, such as surveillance and other purposes (Vergouw, Nagel, Bondt, Custers, 2016).

(i)             US Army Top Drone:

The top military drone of the United States of America Army is-given below:

Avenger (Predator C):

The Avenger (Predator C) starts its operation on 4 April 2009 the-exciting thing about the Avenger is that in this, drone the power is supply through the engine of turbofan as compare to Predator B and A drones. The Avenger also has a feature of stealth technology, which includes an internal storage of weapons, and an exhaust base on an S-shaped minimizes the radar signatures and infrared. As far as weapons, ground support, the network of communication, and ground control stations are, concern it is the same as Predator B and A (Gray, Kiland, 2016).

Picture of Avenger (Predator C)

(B)  Israel:

Israel, like America, is also working hard in the field of drone technology. But as a matter of fact, the progress of Israel in the field of drone technology is comparatively faster than America. Israel is now developing drones having stealth technology and EMP weapons. Israel has also-developed one of its best drones called a predator, which is playing a dominating role in the security of their country. By using these drones, Israel can easily do surveillance against their enemy countries such as the Western belt of Gaza, Egypt, Syria, and Golan heights to secure their borders. Because of the research and hard work, Israel has become one of the major exporters of drone technology increases the level of competition in drone technology worldwide (Weiss, 2018).

(i)             Israeli Top Drone:

The top military drone of the Israeli Army is-given below:

IAI Heron:

The IAI Heron drone, unlike any other drone, can be programmed for a specific destination like autopilot and can be overridden by the control centre base on the ground. The IAI Heron drone can contact the control centre directly or-through a satellite also one-of its best features is that if the contact of the drone with the control centre, is broken the drone will automatically come back to the base. The IAI Heron drone can also lift a weight of 250 kg in the air, including visible light along with infrared, different radars, intelligence systems. Also, the sensors in the payload can contact the control centre directly or through a satellite and also has an automatic system of recovery and launch, which makes it useful in any, kind of bad weather (VSR700).

Picture of IAI Heron

(C)  China:

The Republic of China, which is the biggest exporter worldwide, also started to invest in the field of drone technology on government and local levels working hard to enter the market of drone technology, the same technique used by the United States of America and Israel. The government of China is supporting many projects regarding drone technology that can not only boost its military power but also can be useful for multiple purposes. China is also working on developing stealth technology drones with EMP weapons with-the help of these drones. China, like the United States of America and, Israel can also secure its borders by surveillance and can run operations out of there borders (Vergouw, Nagel, Bondt, Custers, 2016).

1)             China Top Drone:

The top military drone of the Chinese PLA Army is-given below:

CAIG Wing Loong:

The CAIG Wing Loong drone was-developed, by Chengdu an Aircraft Industry Group based in China. It is a Medium-Altitude drone having a Long-Endurance use for the surveillance and attack. The CAIG Wing Loong can carry air to surface missiles and a payload of 200 kg and can also have different kinds of sensors, including infrared sensors (Raska, Bitzinger, 2020).

Picture of CAIG Wing Loong

(D)  Iran:

Iran, which is considered as a threat to the middle east and facing an economic crisis for many years. Also, working hard in the field of drone technology and most of the researchers all over the world think that Iran, under such an economic, crisis did a great job in drone technology. Iran has also performed operations in Syria and Iraq by identifying the terrorist locations for the governments of Syria and Iraq. Iran has also sold its drones to the Hezbollah, which were-used for a suicide attack researchers-believe that this attack was nothing as compared to the Israeli drones (Brookes, 2019).

(E)  Russia:

Russia, after the fall of the Soviet Union, was facing big problems in developing military technologies till 2000. Due to which most of the military weapons were from the Soviet Union times affecting its military capabilities. But in the last 15 years, Russian aerial industries have been developing to create drones, especially for military purposes, which will boost its military power also in a military operation in Ukraine. There are rumours that Russia uses drones to locate the positions of Ukraine forces. However, the Russian defence minister has also claimed that Russia will officially have its first in 2020, which will increase the capability of the military (Bendett, 2019).

2.     Other Uses of Drones:

The drones can also be used for other purposes to work quickly and smartly, such as industry of agriculture, Aerial Surveillance of Commercial industry, Film industry, Search of minerals such as oil and gas, Disaster Management, Construction, and Real Estate Industry. The uses of drones for multiple purposes are-given below:

(A) Agriculture Industry:

For example, in the case of the industry of agriculture, farmers can easily-look after their crops by installing multiple sensors in their drones. That can provide A to Z information such as crop height and distance regarding their crops. Also, the heat monitoring sensor of a drone can calculate the temperature multiple things such as livestock and water. The drones can also help the farmers in detecting the water presence with-the help of installing multiple instruments in drones farmers, can easily-check the density along with the health and quality of water of crops. The farmers can also use a pre-program in drones to make a routine survey of a specific destination, such as crop fields. Also, by installing some biological sensors, the farmers can easily-get the excellent readings of air, which will help in protecting the crops (Tripicchio, Salter, Dabisias, Ruffaldi, Avizzano, 2015, July).

Drones in Agriculture Picture

(B) Aerial Surveillance of Commercial industry:

Most of the time, surveillance is considered as spying and collecting data of the target movement. But on the contrary, aerial-surveillance can also be very helpful for commercial use farmers can easily-look after their crop fields and livestock with the help of drones. In case of fire, drones are useful for Fire departments to identify the source of the fire. Also, companies from the private sector can use the drones to look after their infrastructure projects such as building, electric wiring, or pipelines. At the same time, private companies can inspect their projects using drones such as towers, building roofs, which minimizes any human life loss (Saracin, Dragos, Chirila, 2017).