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Essay On Education

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Education has been associated with the competitiveness and effectiveness of an individual to contribute towards their society and economy. Students getting good jobs means the economy is flourishing. But students who have invested a lot of money on their studies, having those jobs that do not require any degree is a very bad sign. The scenario of the students and their academic activities has been changed drastically, over 50 per cent of the students who graduate are over 26 years of age. Students can easily order uber, rather than waiting for a taxi, they can stream their movies on the go while sitting in their uber. The easy options have made students choose bad and easy jobs, that are even less to their competitive level and this is an alarming situation. Where the world is going through a digital change, the students are getting one step backwards at the time. Problem is also the outdated educational system, that has not caught up to the livelihood of a modern-day student. Narrowed and inflexible programs have been taught in the colleges that do not relate to the modern-day world, that does not provide the modern-day solutions, but these programs were designed centuries ago. It has also become very uneasy for the students, who are also doing their part-time jobs to attend classes at a specific time. Therefore, in order to operate in such a system is not more than a severe cultural shock, that disturbs the mind of the students. Especially, in this day and age where everything is on-demand.

Now, there are 40 per cent students that are older than 25, minority enrolment was 15 per cent in 1970s, and now it is 42 per cent. Female students were 42 per cent in the 1970’s and now they are 56 per cent students who were working for more than 30 hours were 12 per cent only in. 1970’s and now they are 40 per cent too. 1n 1970’s students have English, not as their first language was only 4 per cent, now they are 11 per cent.  In 1970s students did not have children who are older than 25, but now there is a 26 per cent of them who are having children. These changes in college students overall biodata demands for a flexible change in the education system. The online degrees have been started, but still, they are not very usual for most of the people and for a practitioner, these degrees are even useless.

It is also noted that most of the students study at night since that is their only free time nowadays, the primary ways to access their learning module is with the help of their phone. Online educational forum are also created they only provide certifications, but competitive teachers can upload their lectures and also earn from platforms like Edx and Udemy and students can also enrol in some beginner courses for free. The traditional institutions are specially designed to attract money, they were not assisting the student in getting the correct jobs after their academic careers have been finished. Those students who want to contribute to society has been let down, they have to borrow tens and thousands of dollars in order to earn a degree. They have to pay it back after they get a job, if they don’t get a good job, what is the alternative. They go on a path of misery and failure, that shatters their dream of being competitive and to contribute to society. We are forcing students to fail, rather than educating them with free mediums. Education should not have a cost at all, the exchange of education should be free. In this day and age, they can order anything on their doorstep, just not education, which only comes with huge consequences and risks.  These risks are often avoided and some students are forced to do odd jobs. Therefore, there should be more options to binge, rather than waiting at a specific time to watch it live in an auditorium. Millions and thousands of students can learn from the streaming services, just like they are watching a movie on Netflix. It can come with a small subscription, therefore school streaming services would stream lectures and you can watch them at any time. Therefore, technology is the only incentive that we could provide those struggling students who want to do better in their academic careers and also want to contribute to the society.