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Essay On Ten Global Challenges

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The world is evolving and getting advanced time by time in many different stages. As these advancements are made and increasing, there are a lot many different issues that the world has to face (Plaza, Heuvelink, Schuur, and Maestre, 2018). These issues are known as global issues. These issues can be related to any field of a daily life routine. These issues can be affecting the climate, environment, lifestyle, or any other factor of life. There are different types of global issues that almost every part of the world is facing these days or has faced in the past. Some of them are social issues, political issues, the crisis of economics, environmental issues, and much more. A huge amount of people in a different part of the world are facing the issue of inequality. This issue is also getting on the list of global issues. There is another issue of overpopulation which is increasing time by time (Wong, Leo, and Tan, 2020). Many countries are working on finding a way to solve these crises.


There are a lot of global issues faced by the world and a huge percentage of people are suffering due to these crises. These issues are making a negative impact on the environment and an individual’s daily life (Prăvălie, 2016).  Due to these various crises, the people have to face different types of issues and their life is getting tougher. Some of the major issues and crises are defined below (Thatcher, Waterson, Todd, and Moray, 2018).

1. Food security

For the past few years, the world has been facing the issue of food security or lack of food in various countries. The actual point of food security is that there should always be a sufficient amount of food every time and everywhere. And that food should be nutritious and healthy for an individual. When a family is food secure, it means they are not living their life in hunger or they can afford and have proper access to healthy food. In most of the regions of this world, the main reason for the insecurity of food is poverty (Ferronato and Torretta, 2019). A lot of people do not have that much money to buy healthy food for themselves or their families. Such families are facing the issue of food insecurity. The World Health Organization also stated that for food security, there should always be the availability of food in every area of the country. This food can be of any type, for instance, the food can be grown in the country or locally, or it can be imported from any other part of the world. To overcome this issue, there are a lot of companies and volunteers, who are addressing the challenges regarding food security. These companies and institutions have declared some new ways to overcome this issue. One of the solutions is to reduce food waste. Following the criteria of not wasting food can help in feeding thousands of poor people per year. Another way to start getting rid of food insecurity is to bring a reduction in the price of food. This is how anyone can afford to buy food for their families (Hite and Seitz, 2016).

2. Major health issues 

Over the past few years, all around the world, there have been a lot of environmental issues. These issues are mostly caused because of the factors of uncleanliness and irresponsibility. There are many nations and countries, where people do not take proper care of their surroundings. People throw garbage and waste material on the streets and no specific place for throwing garbage and wastage. This is one of the reasons for causing various health issues in society. Some major and most common diseases which can be found in almost every city of every country are malaria, hepatitis, cholera, and much more.  Another reason for an incensement in infectious water. In many areas of a country, there is not a proper system of water supply. That water carries a lot of bacteria and brings the possibility of causing various diseases. For curing and staying safe from these diseases, people should follow and care about their hygiene. They should keep their surroundings and even themselves clean. To overcome these problems regarding environmental issues, there should be various institutional teaching about sanitation. The people all around the globe should also get the awareness of their diet, for instance, they should know sugary food, consumption of alcoholic stuff, tobacco, etc. They should know how these things can be harmful to them and their lives.

3. Inequality

In our today’s world, there are billions of people living. Some of them are rich, some are poor. Some of them make a lot of money that they can fulfill any wishes without any hesitation or any other problem. Meanwhile, on the other hand, some people do not have enough money to even buy food for their family. Nowadays, people have made various classifications among others. These classifications are usually based on their color, gender, financial status or their jobs, education, and much more. A lot of people are fighting and going through this awful term of inequality. One of the most common examples of inequality and discrimination is dealt with by transgender and poor people. They are not treated normally or equally due to their gender and financial status. In so many countries, these people are usually not allowed to live a happy life, such as the security team will stop and refuse them to enter a mall or some high-end place. There is a lot of transgender who is highly educated and they are still not allowed to do jobs in any good company or offices because people think that it is going to make a negative impact on their company’s profile or reputation. These people are not treated well by those who are on a higher stage. In many countries, people are not safe and they are being judged based on their skin color. They are harshly beaten and are treated unequally. To end this policy of inequality, people have to take a step and make a change. The government should provide awareness about equality and make things equal. This can change the life of everyone, who is facing the inequality crisis in every part of his life.

4. Environmental crisis

There are a lot of environmental issues caused by various actions. These issues affect the climate, environment, and health of an individual. There are three most common types of environmental issues. They are habitat, ecosystem conservation, and water shortage. Pollution is also included in the environmental crisis. After that, pollution is classified into various categories. These categories are water pollution, land pollution, air pollution, and noise pollution.

      I.         Land pollution

The main reason and the cause of land pollution are dumping garbage and wastage material. There are f=different sources for this garbage. Most of this garbage is industrial wastage material which comes from various factories and huge workplaces. When this garbage is collected in a specific place for a long time, it becomes harmful for the people living near it. It can cause various diseases.

    II.         Air pollution

Air pollution consists of various pollutants, and these particles and gases are harmful to human beings and the environment. Most of these pollutants come from factories and industrial smoke and poisonous gases. These gases and pollutants also harm the trees and all the plants nearby. Due to air pollution, the ozone layer is damaging and it is affecting global weather. A lot of people have to face various skin problems and diseases.

   III.         Water pollution

A huge percentage of people throw garbage and waste material in the oceans and water surfaces. A lot of industries and factories dump their poisonous chemicals in the seas which affect marine life and all the plants in under the sea bed. Many people throw plastic bags and bottles in the water which creates a negative impact on every living being in the ocean or sea.

   IV.         Sound pollution

Noise pollution is one of the most dangerous sorts of pollution and it can be very harmful to an individual’s health. In many construction and industrial areas, there is sound pollution which affects the nearby residential area and people living there. People can have many health diseases due to sound pollution.

5. Unemployment

There are a lot of people out there in almost every part of this world, who are jobless. Being jobless is now a common matter in today’s world. The most common reason for unemployment is being uneducated. Most of the unemployed people are poor or belongs to a poor family. For being unemployed, there are different reasons behind it. A lot of people who are well educated leave their jobs because they want to find a better job and they just take a risk and leave the previous job. This is also one of the main reasons for unemployment. There are different types of unemployment. These types are:

  • Demand deficient unemployment
  • Frictional unemployment
  • Structural unemployment
  • Voluntary unemployment

Unemployment itself affects an individual’s whole life. It causes many financial problems.  An individual can not properly feed his family and himself.  Unemployed poor people cannot afford their daily living expenses and many other things they need to live. Unemployment is also a reason for incensement in street crimes, such as robberies and snatching. Because those people cannot find a suitable job, so they start finding other ways and sources to earn money for living. If the whole world somehow gets rid of the issue, there is a possibility of betterment in many people’s lives and this is how an individual can live a proper healthy life.

6. Security and wellbeing

The factor of security or not being secure all around the world usually leads to many different life risks. One of the most common issues of security that can be found in almost every part of the world is “Terrorism”. There are a lot of types of global security issues that the world is already facing and will be facing in the future if things stay the same. Climate change is also included in the global security crisis. It is known as one of the most dangerous security threat to the world. Another common type of security threat is drug dealership and trafficking. It is found in almost every country all around the world. There are a lot of different inappropriate actions and practices which are going on in cities these days and the government is unaware of it. Many people who witness such actions mostly do not raise any voice against them because they do not feel secure, and they feel like they have a threat to their lives if they tell someone about the situation. There is a need to stop such practices and the government and the citizens have to be responsible and take a step towards this matter.

7. Lack of education

Being educated is getting an essential factor in an individual’s life. Life gets easier for a person if he is highly educated. For instance, he can easily get a proper job or can even start his own business without any other people or company’s control or help. But still, in today’s world from a population of billions of people there are around 7.5 million people, who are not educated. They do not even know the basics, because they were never sent to school. And the reason can be anything behind this. It can be some household problem or lack of money. There are a lot of kids who are working at places they are not supposed to (Cutler, Schwarz, Hatazawa, Orellana, and Kato, 2020). They should attend schools and institutions to get knowledge and to improve their future lives. Instead of that, those kids are working at some factory labor department, or as a shopkeeper at a very little age. Over the past few years, people were provided awareness about why should everyone get an education and bring betterment in their lives. There are many organizations and institutions, who provide knowledge and proper education to those kids who cannot afford expensive schools and colleges. These organizations provide aid to poor kids and make their future bright. There should be more such organizations so that every kid from every country can effectively get a proper education.   

8. Climate change

Climate change is a global issue being faced by every part of this world. It will increase in the future too and can cause harm to every living thing on the earth. The main reason behind this climate change is the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is a natural process that stores some heat coming directly from the Sun, while the other heat and rays reflect into space. The stored heat results in warm temperatures on the earth. The greenhouse effect generates a layer of heat gases around the Earth, and now this layer is getting bigger, which causes global warming. This results in different dangerous problems related to human beings or any other living creature. This affects the fields, crops, and the growth of other plants on the earth’s surface. This climate change and global warming also result in various skin diseases. There is also a fire threat in different forests because of global warming. This is affecting the Earth badly, but there is still time to recover it. It can be solved before it gets late.

9. Substance abuse

There are thousands and millions of people who are following actions related to substance abuse. There is a clear increase in the use of alcoholic substances and many other drugs. A lot of people smoke different drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and much more. This affects their health by damaging their inner organs. For instance, many people smoke excessively and this results in damaging their lungs. Substance abuse has a lot of various effects on an individual’s health. A person consuming an excessive amount of alcohol or any other such substance can affect his mental health. There is a possibility of an increase in stress and anger in such a person. Many other severe diseases can occur due to the use of such dangerous substances, such as heart cancer or lung cancer (Mokhena and John, 2020).

10. Religious conflicts

Religious conflict is getting a serious concern in any part of today’s world. Intolerance of other people’s religions in society is known as a religious conflict. Many people in society fight with each other based on other’s religions and their religious places such as building the church in some area of people following another religion. Those people do not allow building such places in their area and make a big deal out of it. This affects every other family living in that area or society. In many parts of various countries, there are brutal fights that take place due to discrimination and conflicts related to religions. The majority of these people are a religious extremist who does not tolerate or accept other’s view of religion. People are forced to migrate to some other place because their religion does not match with the society they are living in (Myers, 2020). This is unfair to many people and they have to face such a problem in their life.


There are a lot of issues in this world, which are faced by the people and living here. Some of them are major problems which can cause a huge disaster to people’s lives. There are different types of issues in every part of the world (Amano, González-Varo, and Sutherland, 2016). For instance, there are political issues, financial crisis, environmental issues, security issues, and much more. These issues create a negative impact on an individual’s life. Climate change is also listed as a global major issue faced by the world. People are facing many health diseases, such as skin cancers due to this issue of climate change.  All of these issues can be fixed if the government and other people take a step to save this world and their lives.


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