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Greta Thunberg and Climate change

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Who is Greta Thunberg and how she became a climate activist!

Greta Thunberg first rose to popularity when she went on a strike infront of her school in the cold weather. She is a 17-year-old from Sweden, but her words speak of true climate values. Since the day she rose to fame she stood firm infront of the world leaders that they are not doing enough to save the world and they are not restricting their emissions. She travelled to united states on a boat from Europe and said that when she came near to New York, she started smelling oil and all sorts of bad smells. Since, August 2018, she has also been protesting in front of her own parliament so that a stronger initiative can be taken against climate change.

Seeing her courage other youngsters also joined her in the strike and now she has a global voice over the climate change agenda and global warming. If someone is talking about Greta Thunberg, that means they are talking about climate change or global warming. She also addressed at the 2018 United nations climate change conference. A strong world like, “how dare you” has been used by her in order to make a strong statement to all the world leaders.

Greta effect is also one of the terms that have been associated with her personality that she has been imposing pressure on the world leaders to take a strong stance against the emissions and to make strict policies to control the emissions. She has also been named among the 100 most influential people in 2019 by the time’s magazine.

Greta Thrunberg is a force for Change when it comes to Reducing the Carbon Footprint!

Leaders like Donald Trump has also developed a personal feud with a kid like Greta, Donald Trump in his tweet replied to her that she should work on her anger management problem and he specifically said, “ Chill Greta, chill”. This seems like an irresponsible attitude from the man who is in charge of the white house. Greta Thunberg is a kid who stopped talking and eating when she assessed the current climate situation in the world. She lost 22 lb’s in just two months.

She had also been diagnosed with various syndromes but that is not stopping her and she said that her problem is that she will only speak when it is necessary and we all know that she had never spoken anything foolish until now. Her parents also did not support her activism, when she first started her strike but Greta is firm with her stand and she also added about her illnesses that these are her superpowers and without these illnesses, she would have voiced her concerns over the rising emissions. Not only this, but she has also become a vegan at home and for two years she has challenged her own family to reduce the carbon footprint.

Furthermore she also insisted on the fact that people do not believe in the statistics that show the rising emissions, and that everyone is stealing her future by increasing the carbon footprints. Her mother had to give up her job as an international opera singer because she can no longer travel by aeroplanes. Greta’s father said, that mother of Greta stopped travelling by plane to save her kid, rather than thinking about the world. Because her mother believed her stance regarding climate change.