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Best 50 Topics for 2020

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Best 50 Essay Topics 2020

  1. The Coronavirus and how can we take some small measures to stop its influence on human beings
  2. Climate change, and how can individually work to reduce its impact on the world
  3. What is the future of artificial intelligence, can robots replace us in the upcoming years
  4. If big data will destroy our privacy and social life
  5. What is the influence of the use of social media when it comes to younger and older generations
  6. Boys and girls have different rules to grow their hair in schools, why?
  7. Cancer patients, who are the last stages of their life, should be given life support or not?
  8. Can electric vehicles take over the stake of petrol and CNG vehicles in future?
  9. Organic food should be priced lower or higher as compared to inorganic products
  10. What are the minimum and maximum time for exercise in a day and if it varies with age or not?
  11. If children should be given a choice to choose their religion when they are born and in their teenage
  12. If friends make a better couple as compared to others who were not friends
  13. If there should be different schools for different art and crafts for children, not the same school for every child so that they can choose on the basis of their interests
  14. If white-collar men should be penalised more as compared to the blue-collar when they commit a crime
  15. If cybercrimes should be tried in the court like a regular crime or not?
  16. If social media application are trying to destruct the English language communication norms by using slang language
  17. Human has created the robots for only one purpose, to replace them for their jobs, is it right?
  18. The privacy of the people should be given more protocols, and what Facebook is doing is a theft of data
  19. Facebook should be paying people to make their accounts on its platforms
  20. If music is getting better or worse with the use of technological advancements
  21. What is the best age to get married and have kids
  22. If only teenage should be the threshold age to make a social media account
  23. If women should stop giving birth after 35
  24. If there should be schools that should educate the adults about society and how to be a good citizen
  25. What should be the best methods to train a child like a champion
  26. How to become the best fighter in Ultimate fighting championship
  27. If a person who has been under the influence of the violence could become a violent person when they grow up
  28. If homeschooling is bad or good for the children
  29. If everyone in the world should learn the sign language so that people can communicate easily when they go to an alien country
  30. Pros and cons of same-sex schools
  31. Pros and cons of same-sex marriages
  32. If religion allows same-sex marriages and relationships
  33. If working moms should be provided with a daycare facility at work
  34. Meat diet or vegetable diet, which one is better
  35. If eastern medicine are effective when it comes to healing humans or normal antibiotics
  36. What if aliens invade us, how can we survive then?
  37. Are we the aliens on this earth and this was the home of someone else
  38. If the earth is really flat?
  39. Women who wear high heels should be careful, it’s a serious health risk?
  40. Cheerleading should be made an international sport?
  41. If money can buy you all the happiness in the world?
  42. If travelling is good for health and it can change your perception about other people?
  43. If the world should be one country?
  44. If zoos should not exist for the cause of the entertainment of human beings
  45. Violent game players are also violent in real life?
  46. If children getting obese, is being caused by the negligence of the parents
  47. If book reading is better for good brain activity
  48. If women should be granted equal rights like men or not?
  49. If all the jobs in the future will be given to the freelancers
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