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Essay On Global Sea Level Rise

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The Rise In Sea Level

Sea level is the average level of the upper and lower tides in the ocean which is the actual criteria to measure the relative depth of the sea. It has been observed that the sea level is rising up to each passing year – occupying more volume and shrinking the dry land area for us. The two major proponents causing this rise are thermal expansion of the seawater and melting glaciers thus it is obvious to state that the rise in the sea level is directly related to the temperature of our atmosphere. During the mid of the 20th century, the global sea level has been raised by the average of 1.7mm/year and the rate is accelerating by 1.3 mm per year – the number is a lot if you see it from the bigger picture. We never know how much the average would vary in upcoming years but taking, for example, this particular figure for the 10 years by ignoring its acceleration then there will be a straight 17+ mm rise by the end of 10 years ahead. The uncontrollable expansion of seawater is alarming and we aren’t capable to control it with our current capability. Sea level rise is not constant all around the earth.

Land is sinking causing floods

Besides being the voluminous increase in the sea level there is another factor propagating the rise of sea level. As some areas of the world are tectonically sensitive and particularly those in the coastline pacific region. These areas are known as the pacific ring of fire, they work similarly opposite way the tidal increase happens, the land disposition itself and sink down to some fraction – the rate is almost similar to what the sea is rising and the land is sinking in these regions of the world. This dramatic land movement is the reason for tsunamis to happen. But fortunately, scientists have enough data to detect and analyses the rise caused by land displacement and compare them with the seemingly less reliable tidal gauge experiment to understand the absolute rise per year. Tsunamis are rare for sure but we cannot deny the fact that they happened and could happen in the future with much more devastating consequences that we have already faced.

CO2 – the man-made global warming

Man is the real cause of global warming and we cannot deny the fact how we have been consuming the earth’s resources carelessly and ignoring their bitter impact on our environment for merely the contemporary benefits. CO2 concentration has expanded a hundred times to what nature is made sufficient for the healthy survival of life in this world. The global temperature rise is surely the dominating factor of many environmental issues like ocean level rise and unfortunately, this is purely man-made global warming which has increase dramatically over the past century due to exponential rise due to industrial revolution and a significant increase in the commercialization.