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Essay on Artificial Intelligence


The field of computer science has many wide ranges, which could lead to making machines, devices, advanced gadgets, and much more (Serikawa, 2018). One of its branches is Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence makes the machine do those tasks which normally require human intelligence or interaction (Ghahramani, 2015). Basically, in artificial intelligence, machines are created to think like a human’s brain and make decisions on their own. Artificial intelligence includes software for image recognition, self-driving cars, Google Home, Siri, and other electronic personal assistance. The goal of an artificial intelligence machine could be complex or a simple one, which is set or decided by the user. Ai has many applications in a daily life routine. AI is used in healthcare, business, education, manufacturing, and many others.

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Artificial intelligence was officially founded in 1995 as an academic discipline, and since then, it is facing ups and downs, failures, and success (Copeland, 2015). The main purpose and the field of artificial intelligence aim to make the machine capable of making the decisions and having a bit of human power of thinking. There are a lot of applications of artificial intelligence in today’s life. And all of them seem to be very advanced and helpful for the nations using them (Gunning, 2017).

Applications of Artificial intelligence

Health care

The aim of all the government members and every other person in a medical field is to make the outcomes better and with more chances of betterment, and less expensive. For the diagnosis of the patients, many hospitals and medical institutions are using and applying the machine-based learning and this is making the diagnosis faster. There is IBM Watson, which is the world’s best healthcare department technologies. The technology used in IBM Watson can understand the human language, and can also respond to it on its own. The technology can diagnose the patient and can get all the information and provide it to the doctor. Some other technologies in the field of AI are applications that can help the people virtually or online with the problems or any type of disease they are facing. It is more like a virtual doctor. The technologies in the Ai field can now predict or can provide more information about how to fight or cure some serious diseases or pandemics, such as COVID-19. 

AI in the field of business

The algorithms of machine learning in artificial intelligence are used in relationship management of customers, which shows more and better ways to serve the customers and how to make the business successful. There are some online chatbots, which provides their 24/7 customer service on the website, and they provide all the information and help any visitor wants.

Education field

The technology of artificial intelligence in the field of education seems helpful, as it can help the teachers checking the long paragraphs and other notes. This technology can apply automatic grading and can give the scores according to the performance of the person who has done the exam (Botvinick, 2017). In a lot of institutions, the teachers have been replaced by the technology of AI, and in the future, there are chances, that there would be no human teachers and the students would be studying from their homes. There are many problems and cases which have a lot of complexity, that a normal human being cannot easily perform it, but technology can solve such complex problems in less than a second.


Managing and finding data or anything else through a huge pile of files and papers seems to be very difficult and clumsy, so AI has now entered the field of law, and now the process is less time taking and it is also improving the service for the clients. Through the law firms, the outcomes can be predicted and the data can be described, easily, and efficiently.


There are many kinds of robots and AI machines working in the field of manufacturing products and different things. The tasks which a human worker cannot perform or consumes a lot of hard work and time, the robots would do it in a few minutes or even less than that. This is how artificial intelligence is found helpful in the manufacturing field. In the factories and the warehouse, most of the section of work is occupied and being managed or performed by the robots and different gadgets.


Online websites or web services of different banks are being managed by the online chatbots. These chatbots provide they are well served to the customers and provide all the information they would need about the bank or any specific department (Jackson, 2019). The AI technology in banks is being used for making better and successful decisions for the loans, setting the specific limit for credits, and identifying the opportunities of investment. The virtual assistance of AI is also used to improve and lessen the costs of consistence by the guidelines or regulations of the bank (Szolovits, 2019).


In the field of transportation, AI is used in predicting the delays of flights, managing the traffic, and make the shipping through seaways more efficient and safer. There is also another growing technology of AI, which is self-driving vehicles (Rajeev, 2018). These vehicles do not need any driver, the passenger just has to mark the desired location and the vehicle would automatically drive there. For example, Tesla autopilot cars.

Security department

Many organizations and high-security departments are using AI technology in the security system. They use the SIEM software, which indicates and catches the suspicious activities happening in the area. These gadgets make the user alert for such activities and the step for protection could be taken at the time, and this is faster than a human or previous technology for the security system. Man6y organizations are using the AI for being protected from the cyberattacks (Tegmark, 2015). 


Artificial intelligence is growing day by day in every field of work or daily life routine. AI could be used in working in factories and other huge workplaces. It is helping in customer services, and this could be a bank customer service or any other website. Ai is used in vehicles (Bowling, 2017). On today’s date, the vehicles do not need a driver to reach a location. AI has also taken the place of human teachers and even doctors. Robots are doing the diagnosis and even the operations. The AI has stepped into the business, and since this happened, a lot of organizations are having more success and betterment in their work progress.


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