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Essay on Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical engineering is the field of engineering that deals with aviation, its mechanics and also the manufacturing of aircraft. In this field, research is done to procure the mechanics and engineering aspects related to the aircraft. In order to understand the aeronautical engineering, it is required to understand the principles of electronics and mechanical engineering. Aircraft require a lot of engineering and mechanical principles to work, for instance, there are a lot of controls that are included in the aircraft. Control systems are also a definitive part of the aeronautical systems, therefore there is a need to learn about the electronic circuits and their working. The various microcontroller is being used to control the propulsion system, the propulsion system works mechanically. But in order to control it automatically, there is a need to use the electronic system. 

There are a lot of crashes that have been subjected to aviation, therefore still in this day, there is a need to make specific changes that would improve aviation and aircraft. in 1903, the first aircraft was being built by the Wright brothers. it’s around 117 years since man worked on his first aviation system. Various changes have been made, but still crashes happen, some of these aircraft crashes happen because of the faulty system. Otherwise, it happens because of the lack of aircraft training. Recently, NASA and SpaceX launched a space mission. The astronauts also came back to earth without any hassle, this was another milestone for human beings. Since SpaceX is the first privately-owned aviation company. 

Why humans are trying to research about aviation, that is to fly and above the earth planet. To find life on any other planet that we can choose to live after we have used all of our resources on the earth. Currently, we are utilising resources that are multiplied by 3, therefore at some point in time, our resources will be finished. The first commercial flight has taken off in 1970. Boeing aircraft became the part of the history. 480 passengers in total flew off in this aircraft from New York to London. In terms of passenger capacity, Airbus A380 made its first flight from Singapore to Australia. There are various systems like remote sensing, fluid mechanics, control engineering, mechanical engineering, solid mechanics, avionics. Simulations regarding the aircraft, their test flights and regarding their fuel control systems can also be done in Matlab/Simulink. Additionally, nowadays the aviation is the most researched field since humans are finding various clues about life on the red planet. The martian called mars are the only planet, where humans think that they can find a future for humans. As most of the characteristics of this planet resemble the earth. It has also been speculated that million years ago, there was a time when there was a presence of water on red planet. Therefore, there is a certain. need to launch space programs that would find a clue ab0ut the probable human life on any other planet in our solar system.