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Essay on Climate Change

Greta Thunberg the supergirl for Climate change

The 17 year old has been criticised by many, even by the Donald trump but she is firm in her beliefs, even restricted the travelling of her own family, and that is the reaosn why her mother left her job, since she had to travel a lot. The girl has fed sense in the action of the human beings, she thinks that politicians and world leaders are not doing enough for against the climate change, she is one of the other people who has raised awarness about the ecological conservation for the protection of our mother earth. At Davos, the 17 year old kid asked the businessman and the world leaders to make huge cuts on greenhouse gas emissions for avoiding the climate change. Therefore, the kid insited that we should stop the years long of dooming policies and we should act now. 

Davos 2020 and Climate change 

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General said to the world that our planet will be destroyed with the climate change adn we have numbers in front of us that how our acitvities are affecting the climate of the world, the world has been hit by huge storms, tsunamis, volacanoes are erupting, earthquakes are also being witnessed all around the world. it seems like humans are fighting a war against the nature and what are we endangering by this, we are endangering ourselves and the future of our own generations. So, the global warming and the climate change is being one of the greater threats that has ever been faced by the humanity. 

Main points of the Davos Climate change Debates

Scientists have insisted that we are close to various tipping points, our glaciers are melting which means that there can be scarcity of water in the future. Not only this, the fossil fuels are decreasing by huge numbers, the same fossil fuels that earth take millions of years to grow. Investors are using the fossil fuels for their own good and this is harming our world. The businessman are just suggestion to put a price on carbon and they cannot do more, since they know that humans will be using the fossil fuels in order to make money and in order to grow their businesses. is a project that aims to grow and restore almost 1 trillion trees around the world, and then sequester the carbon from the air so that our biodiversity can be protected also. World leaders have shared their own actions against the climate change, even countries like pakistan will be growing 10 million trees in future, the country has huge and beautiful landscapes and because of the Climate change, the country is also stressing the need to protect its natural assets. Every human being on earth can take the oath that they will be saving the planet by growing more trees, trees should be look after in your gardens, in your backyards, even some people make small gardens in their own rooms, therefore we need to come-together and fight the climate change in order to protect our mother earth.