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Essay on Social Distancing


While Covid-19 has devastated the human economy and people are in lockdown, the very first time a new term has emerged. The term is social distancing, things like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are used to interact with people but with digital means. Therefore it connects people socially, but not physically. Nations around the world are in lockdown so that we don’t see more new cases, and we have time to treat the current cases with whatever resources that we have. People are being asked to stay six feet apart, wear masks, wear gloves. Various kinds and types of precautions have been given to the people.

What is social distancing?

Therefore, social distancing is a term that emerged in a pandemic, world widespread epidemic COVID-19. Before that we can never imagine that we would ask humans to stay away from each other, it might sound very awkward. But the need of the hour is that we should not be closer and it is recommended that when we are going out, whether it is to buy groceries, or shopping or whatever, we have to be six feet apart. In these conditions, humans are also told not to have sex, because it can also go wrong. So, most of the time it is recommended that we should be in quarantine. Isolation from the outside world in our home, and practising the social distancing procedures as indicated by WHO.

How to be happy while following social distancing?

It is recommended that we should do normal things like cooking, exercising at home, watch T.V, play games. Additionally, we can do virtual dating, if we are away from home talk to people over social media apps, we can use skype for video conferencing, WhatsApp can also be used in this case. Streaming apps like Netflix can also be used to watch movies and series. Play station is giving away two games and google stadia has also announced few free games and it has made its subscription for free for everyone.

But it is becoming a very big problem to be happy while social distancing, especially for those people who are in quarantine because they are tested positive, they can even meet people who are in their family, therefore, they have to isolate someplace alone. Some people are also going through depression in this case and they are unable to cope up with it. it seems impossible for them to get isolated and they just want everything to be normal. Most of the people, who are extroverts and meaning that they can’t live without their social life. It seems impossible for them to follow the social distancing protocols, people who want to be in the spotlight. Therefore, it is very hard for some people to be happy while following the social distancing protocols, but if you have a good partner, then it means you might be having the best time of your life. Isolated with your beautiful life or beautiful girlfriend could be the best thing that you need at this time.