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Essay on Natural Resource Depletion


Countries are focusing to build their man made resource, they are trying to invest on their forces and advancing their arms. Humans think that they would have have to protect each other against each other. But the reality is that the natural resources are being depleted in this fight of man agains the man. Currently the man is fighting against the nature, wood, minerals, fossil fuels are being taken out and consumed heavily, it takes a lot of time for earth to grow these resources but the world cannot wait for that. Humans are already using more resource than we have available on this very earth, we are using more than 1.5 earth resources.  Therefore, we are lending the future of the our generations, and we will be accountable for that in the time to come.

Economic activity influence on Natural resources 

Natural resources has been depleted for the cost of the economic activity, buildings plazas has been made and natural resources were used for no or for a very smaller cost. Consumers are looking to get into those business that are moving towards green operations, and environmental sustainability but in the world today, this is only possible in few of the businesses. The countries that are responsible for the oil and petroleum are using tons and tons of world’s resources in order to make their cities look modern. Just for the sake of their regions deveopment, they are using more and more natural resources every other day.

Future challenges

From the moral community, both the animals and the envoronment has been discarded, humans have less laws for the protection of plants and animals in the world of today. As indicated by our blog about overpopulation, we indicated that there are around 7 billion people right now and we are consuming more than what we should be consuming. We humans have to understand that we are over consuming than what has been allocated to us. We humans are also creating excessive waste, and we are using our resource without any necessary need of them. Deforestation and the destrcution of the wildlife is happening, various animals have been endangered. Loss of biodiversity is alos imminent threat to this world.  Mining of oil and petroleum is continuously happening, and we are turning it into money and big buildings. Technological and industrial development is also conducted at the cost of the natural resources. Erosion, pollution and contamination of resources are all in the list of the current and future challenges that we have to face as human beings.

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Which Natural Resources are being Depleting very Fast ?

Lets suppose we have 75 percent of the water on this planet available, from that only 2.5 percent is fresh then remains the 70 percent. Then the rest could be designated to salty water that cannot be used for drinking pruposes. Therefore, the drinking water, is only available in the form of ice, or it has been covered in a permanent snow cover. Therefore, there remain a very small quantity of water that we can use for the drinking purposes. it has been predicted that by 2050 almost 1.8 or 2 billion people, will have no water available to drink. Now lets talk about coal, between 2-25 and 2050, humans will extract most of the coal from the surface of the earth, in 2011 it has been indicated that with current quantity we can consume coal for about 188 years. Therefore, demand can increase with the time. When it comes to oil, then it has been indicated that almost 189 million tons of oil was left in 2010, the current demand is increasing day by day and it can only be sufficed upto 46.2 years. in 2010, natural was estimated to be used for only 58.6 years. Fish, especially tuna fish is being close to its extinction. Therefore, the global resource are being used in a ruthless manner, fertilizers and for instance phosphorus’s demand is increaisng and it will reach its peak in 2030.