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Essay on Endometriosis

Endometriosis refers to the growth of endometrial tissues or cells insider the uterus. This process mainly occurs in the pelvis of the woman’s body. Most commonly this condition is experienced by the infertile women. Although, this condition is not the main cause of women’s fertility. As far as the symptoms are concerned then most of the women feel moderate to severe symptoms. Additionally, the sign indicating the endometriosis could be; infertility, pain while having intercourse, experiencing pain while urination. 

Causes of Endometriosis

The exact causes of Endometriosis are still not known. Although various biological theories have been presented by the scientists about the possible causes of Endometriosis. One of the theories indicates that the retrograde flow of menstrual remaining’s from Fallopian tube to the pelvic cavities cause Endometrial. Additionally, the reasons for this retrograde flow is also not known yet. Another possible theory indicates that the primitive cells in the pelvic organs are used to develop the endometrium. While giving birth, some of the women undergo the surgery. While undergoing surgery, the transfer of endometrial tissues is also possible.

Additionally, the weaker immune system also helps the development of these endometrial tissues. Because, if a women’s immune systems are stronger then she might feel less pain under Endometriosis. While others would be agonizing with pain in the same condition because of weaker immune systems. Doctor and physicians also state that the endometriosis can be experienced because of genetics. Because most of the physical problems run in the families. For instance; the heart diseases are also in the genetics of people if a father has been subjected to a heart condition. Then, most probably a son or daughter will experience the same in the later stages of their lives. Endometrium cells can spread into the different organs of the body through the bloodstream. This causes the other organs to function irregularly, and hence a woman’s would feel a lot of pain. It could also occur because of a series of problems that are experienced by a woman’s body throughout her life from pregnancy to various other physical conditions. Then again, it cannot be confirmed in any condition that how Endometriosis has occurred, and what is causing it.

The Symptoms of Endometriosis

Endometriosis common symptoms include;

Pain in different organs of the body, pain while having intercourse, cramps during any physical exercise or while having intercourse.

Infertility is one of the most common symptoms of Endometriosis

Feeling pain while urination

Feeling pain while bowel movements, bowel movement means the movement of food in our body

Other causes include; problem in pregnancy, constipation, inconsistent vomiting, inconsistent or irregular sweating, the flow of blood in your pee etc

A person will also bleed heavily while having periods, this is one of the most painful situations for a woman who is going through Endometriosis

Additionally, it could also be indicated that most of the women who undergo Endometriosis, also experience depression. Depression, anxiety while being infertile is an added pressure for the mental state of the woman. Some woman tries to take heavy antibiotics to relieve pain, but this might result in additional bleeding.

Endometriosis treatment (what can we do to treat Endometriosis)

Variety of treatment options are available for Endometriosis. These options can only be used to help ease the severity of pain. Several pain killers are available. Ibuprofen and paracetamol are the two medicines that are widely promoted to reduce the pain in the body. Both of these medicines assist in reducing the inflammation in the body. Hence, a person after taking the correct dosage will feel that their body is getting recovered. Not only this, but ibuprofen is also widely utilised to treat the fever, headaches, cramps, and minor injuries. While paracetamol is recommended by the doctors as a pain killer. This medicine will treat the pain in the body, hence the pain experienced from the condition of Endometriosis will be reduced. 

There is another option for the treatment of Endometriosis. This option calls for the use of the contraceptive patch and hormone medicines. Contraception is done to stop the pregnancy, hence stopping the woman to give birth to a child. This is done to stop the severity of pain, that is already felt by the woman who is going through Endometriosis. Keeping the eggs and the sperm apart so that a woman would not develop any hormones. Condoms, contraceptive patches, hormone pills, all of these measures can be taken to stop the pregnancy of a woman. Not only this, but surgeries are also conducted in special cases. These surgeries are done to remove the Endometrial tissues from the body of a woman. This process is also referred to as the hysterectomy.

As indicated earlier that women feel deep emotional and psychological pain when they experience infertility. Therefore, with the help of this surgery, their chances of getting pregnant can be increased. Hence, their psychological and physical can be reduced because of the surgery. But, even in this case, the doctors are unable to guarantee if this process can stop the problems caused by Endometriosis. Surgeons have also given precautions about this surgery because, in the case of some women, this surgery can cause additional problems too. These problems are; additional bleeding from the body, damaged organs.


It is not easy for women to live with Endometriosis, the emotional and physical stress is a big threat to their life. At this time, they always need support from their family and proper medical guidance from a licensed practitioner. The exact cause of Endometriosis is still not known, and that makes it harder for doctors and physicians to treat a woman. But, some treatments can effectively reduce the pain of the body. These treatments as indicated above are available in the form of medicines or contraceptive patches. Surgery is yet another option but it comes with a higher risk.