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How to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety

Amid this choas an increasing issue is increasing Mental stress and Anxiety

The World is hit by a storm, and this time the storm hit the world in the form of the novel Coronavirus. Countries are expanding their health care system, trying to invest on more beds, orders has been placed for ventillators etc. In amid, of this confusion and choas, scientists are also trying to develop a cure for the novel Coronavirus. But the main aspect is that those people who are being lock down, especially those who are tested positive and they are living a life in isolation, how are they able to cope up with the increasing mental stress and anxiety.

How to cope up with the mental stress caused by the isolation, and social distancing

In this time of Crisis, it has been indicated by Psychologists that getting worried is about this global pandemic is a normal thing, humans were not expecting this kind of global issue, especially on a bigger scale but now that it has happened, people are panicking and they are curious about their own security and welfare. From rising dealth tolls, to loosing jobs, people all around the world are in a state of shock and panic. Stocks are plunged to the historic low, currencies are losing their power also. Although, it has been indicated by Psychologists that anxiety is a form of blessing in disguise, we try to protect ourself from harm and try to find new solutions. Here are the top topics to keep yourself happy and healthy amid this social distancing and self isolated atmosphere;

1. Follow a good hygiene, try to order food online, if you are taking the risk then help bring essentials to friends and family 

2. Try to protect your community, grow in-house garden, help vulnerable, make videos that prefer social distancing and educate people if you are from medical sciences

3. Try to focus on your hobbies, if you can exercise at home, then go for it. Try to cook for yourself and others. Write, paint and enjoy movies.

4. Download some apps to de-stress yourself, there are many apps on google play store and apple store also, seek professional help from medical sciences professionals and keep in touch with them

5. If you are a medical professional then you can hold online sessions, to exercise with each other. Applications like; “Calm”, and “Daylio” can also help you in this cause.

6. Breathe for four seconds, hold for seven and exhale in eight seconds, recommended by the Psychiatrist Dr. Mimi Winsberg, the co-founder and chief medical officer of Brightside.

7. Create a routine, on your cellphone or board, try to do charity and give charity to those who are involved in it

8. Dont smoke or drink alcohol, exercise for atleast 30 minutes and maintain your good nutrition 

9. Reconnect with old friends, friends from school, college and university

10. Motivate other to live happily and to be motivated under this testing time.

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