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Essay on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


The United Nation (UN) idea was introduced on 1 January 1942 by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt after the Second World War to stop the wars in future and solve all kinds of conflicts between countries without violence. At the start 26 nation governments come to gather for the sack of human being. Then at 26 June, 1945 fifty Countries Representatives gather to sign the UN charter. Poland who wasn’t present in the conference sign the charter later and become the fifty-one member of a united nation, then finally at 24 October 1945 officially came into existence. The united nation was also formed to engage leaders from all over the world to serve human beings. By following these goals: Affordable and Clean Energy, Clean Water and Sanitation, Climate Action, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Good Health and Wealth, Gender Equality, Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Life below Water, Life on Land, No Poverty, Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions, Partnerships for the Goals, Quality Education, Reducing Inequality, Responsible Consumption and Production, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Zero Hunger. The leaders from all over the world are working on these goals to bring peace and happiness in their nation. Leaders from all over the world gather on this platform and brief the world that what have they done and what are they intend to do to fulfil these goals. Especially the leaders from the third world countries are doing their best to fulfil these goals to develop their nation.


The United Nation was formed to implement goals all over the world to give human beings from all over the world a better life. In these goals, one of them is Affordable and Clean Energy. Affordable and Clean Energy can be achieved by wind energy. And solar energy which is far more reliable and affordable way as compared to those huge nuclear plants which not only emit radiation and also result in big chaos or any other way which can increase pollution. Whereas, the Clean Water and Sanitation goal has also its value as it is directly concerned with the health of human beings. Whereas climate action also has its value as everybody knows that the carbon dioxide is increasing rapidly which is also because of cutting too many trees and the majored is the pollution this could result into the rapid change in climate which could affect lots of people life. The Decent Work and Economic Growth is also an important factor to make the life of the people better by providing them decent work with proper labour rights that would not only make their life better but also grow the economy.

The UN also gives value to the gender equality goal. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure are also one of UN goals the UN is collaborating with the leaders all over the world to strengthen the Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure sector to make the life of people comfortable. The UN is working hard to eliminate poverty and it has realized that big reason for an increase in poverty is the big lack of opportunities and choices which needs to be overcome to eliminate poverty. The UN is also working hard to provide Quality Education to all the people around the world. The UN believes that sustainable development is about learning. It’s a process which teaches a human being to value and understand the environment and critical skills.

The Zero Hunger is also a big challenge for the UN. As the UN-designated the year 2014 as the international year of family farming representing the priority of the UN as it believes that the farming sector could play a vital role in the fight against hunger. As in some third world countries like India and South Africa, the food crises is at its peak which results as a decrease of iron and other vitamins in the body of the people of these third world countries which also results in deaths. The UN started its work on food security after the Second World War and this fight against hunger is still in progress. UN is also focusing on the Life below Water goal as you know the marine animal’s life means a lot as most of the spices below water have extinct and the remaining once are also facing the same thread the UN is working hard to overcome this situation.


By following the above goals we could not only create a better world where we can breathe. A world where would be no sign of pollution, violence,  hunger, and most of them all everybody would be considered as and treated as equal once resulting in a society where peace, and justice and quality education will not be a dream. By following these steps all the nation around the world could not only develop their society but also set their society as an example. These goals can also make our beloved earth green and full of life. And by following these goals we could live our lives without affecting our beloved earth.