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Essay on Over Population

Introduction to Overpopulation 

We are unable to sustain more human beings on earth today, because to raise humans earth might not have enough resources, enough food, enough good quality air, enough jobs etc. Therefore, various countries are trying to provide awareness to the people that they cannot make more than two humans. Once David Attenborough said that the best thing that he has witnessed on the mother earth is the nine month old baby but his views has been changed and now he thinks that world cannot sustain more humans, since it has lack of resources.

Why Population growth has to end?

Population growth has to end, it does not mean that we have to let humans die, but we are growing our population at an alarming rate.  We have to stablise this populatiion growth, we have to create resources side by side if we are going to go with the same rate and this is not possible. Therefore, we have to lower the growth of population, around 83 million are being added to the population of the world whic is a very greater number as indicated by the united nations. Modern medicine and the nutrition is only able to provide them a sustainble advantage so that they can grow into their adulthood. 

Why fertility levels are decreasing globally?

Fertility levels have also been decreasing globally, this means that humans are also having problems in making babies, and their genetics is being affected. in more than 50 countries an interview of David Attenborough has been aired, he was interviwed by the Barack Obama. The interview was about the current environmental issues that has been faced by the world, David Attenborough has inspired the need for the ecological sustainability and has motivated millions around the world. 

Blue planet 2 connection to over population and ecological awareness 

Blue 2 featured the problems created by the plastic on the oceans of the world, this particular show has been watched by 80 million chinese people. World population counter can be seen for a minute and the numbers of people growing by minutes is amazing. The current figure is more than 7.7 billion as stated by the United nations and it can become upto 9.9 as indicated by the United nations, until 2050. India will also overtake china, concerning the increase of the population. The United states will be the third largest before 2050. 

Fertility concerns are swlling around the globe

Fertility levels are decreasing very drstically, in at least 48 developed countries the fertility rate is still higher, 4.3 births are being given per women from 2010 to 2015.  This means that the population is growing rapidly and this indicates an increase of 2.4 percent a year. 26 african countries will double in size until 2050. Therefore, this rise indicates, that poplation will increase, hence increasing in hunger and poverty. Attenborough has noted that one of the main reasons that the population has increased is that the old people are living longer because of good hygeine and the expectancy of the life is also increased. Over 60 aged people will also be double until 2050, that means there will be 962 million to 2.1 billion rise of older people. 

Capacity of Earth

Scientists have indicated that earth can cater around 500 million to more than one trillion people and after that it would not be able to cope up with the over population. the consumption of the resources is increasing massively and continuously around the world. An average person consumers 3.3 percent of food and need 250 times of water every day. Therefore, the earth with these numbers can house only 2 billion people and it is unable to support a higher number. 

What is Ecological Overshoot 

In the footprint science, the ecological overshoot is the concept where resource are being turned into waste fast than their re-supply. For instane: if fossil fuels are being burnt, they took million of years to form on this mother earth, therefore we need a lot of time to replace them. Since, 2006 an ecological overshoot day has also been organised, since 1970’s we are using the resources for 1.7 earth per year. This indicates that current countries are not working sustainably in order to utilise the earth’s resource but they are using a lot more than they should be. 

Why we are Borrowing resource from earth 

This means that earth’s future has been borrowed and we are jeapardising the future of the upcoming generations. Earth will eventually stop this supply and countries could go bankrupt. New technologies should be developed in order to produce more resources for human beings. women in ghana have a fertility rate of about two to three children, comparing with those who have no education, but they have a fertility rate of about six children. There are various reasons for this problem, women in these countries are not being educated about their health. Therefore, we have to cut our meat consumption by 50 percent and that accounts for all around the world. David Attenborough also said, that we should be not be eating so much meat, we have evolved ourselves and now we can eat everything. He himslef indicated that he is now eating lesser meat in order to save the planet.