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Essay on Pollution

Introduction to Air/Water Pollution

Humans have not been doing justice to this world, they have been littering their atmoshphere with all kinds of toxic materials and they have been throwing every harmful material in their waters. Industries dump million tons of tooxic materials in to the waters that endangers the wildlife, not only this we have toxic material in drinling water too. In florida, a man invited bernie sanders to check his drinking waters, since it was filled with toxic materials and it was being dumped by various facilities and people have lost their lives.

Air pollution causing harm to human organs

It has also been realised that polluted agents in the air can harm the lungs within the body of a human being. it has been noted by doctors that every organ on the earth is being affected by the air pollutiion. It has also been indicated by UN environment that 9 out of 10 people are being affected by the air pollution. On the other hand world helath organisation has noted that more than 90 percentage of the humans on earth has been affected by the air pollution, cause is smoke and mixture of gasses that pollute the inner bodues of the human beings. 

Deaths caused by the Pollution and the process of harming the human bodies

It has been noted that seven millions deaths alone were accounted because of the toxic air, these statistics indicate that number of people who die globally by smoking habit is even lesser from these numbers. Soot and smoke are the number one and two reasons because of which people die, from the pollution in the world. it happens when the smaller particles enter into the bodies of the human beings, to all other vital organs then these particles are being transmitted when they enter the bloodstream of a human being.

Reason the Airpollution damages the body of the human beings

it has been stated by the doctors that because these particles enter within our bodies, our bodies are being damaged because of the inflammation that happens as a result of these particles presence in our bodies. The immune system recognises the pollution particles as the bacteria, therefore it starts attempting to kill the pollution particles through the use of the enzymes and the acids. Afterwards, the inflammation increases when the inflammatory particles spreads within the body, through the brain, through the kidney, and through the pancreas. it has also been concluded by doctors that a body cannot kill pollution, but it can only work in the contradiction of infections.

Infected part of the human body

it could be noted that muscles in the body could be weaken, and the arteries in the heart might narrow, it will also cause breathelessness and asthma. Some people might have lung cancer and some will have chronic laryngnitis. In the lungs it affects our respiration process, the nose throat and lungs are widely affected because of the air pollution. It has been noted that lmost nine million of the patients had osteoporosis related fractures in their bones and these are very common in the higher concentrations. Acne, eczema and wrinkles are the main aspects that could be caused by the airpollution when someone is exposed to traffic pollution, they might feel dry, their eyes might be weepy, and the environment will be mostly haze. Additionally, it has also been indicated by various studies that brain’s cognitive ability could be highly impacted by the air pollution that can cause dimentia also.