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What is Public Health

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According to WHO, “State of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Which clearly states that health is a process of maintaining physical and mental wellness, it is not only about vanishing it from its roots – because that is not practical in many cases thus WHO suggests keeping it real and letting people understand the importance of actual well-being by living a life following the genera recommendations of by the medical practitioners.

Public health is the science of preventing people from harmful diseases and helping them to live healthy lives through organized efforts and known practices for the betterment of communities and individuals. The major concern of public health is to reduce the chances of people falling sick by implementing an effective system to control the origination and transmission of the viral epidemic that can spread rapidly from person to person. Public health or health promotion is led by the idea of supporting an individual to take greater care of themselves.

Efforts Dealing With Health Issues

There are several factors dealing with health issues, such as health inequalities among the masses which discusses the sociology-economics impact on the lives of people living around the world under variant circumstances. The living standard impacts heavily upon the overall health of a society – which does not intuitively have a direct relation of health wellness with economic prosperity or living a life according to the prescribed measure but health topics come with lots of complications. There are chances the man living carelessly, ignoring basic protections comes to have healthy mental and physical stability whereas, at the same time, it works against people who put extra effort into being healthy.

Thus, official announcements in this regard are too conditional and based on individuals’ examination by the respective medical doctors and it is the same reason everyone is suggested to not rely on any sort of medical advice from unverified sources. As there can be a chance that something that is working for one might be harmful to others. Today’s world is full of unexpected health issues for the masses, if we talk about basic drinking water then there is the majority of the population in underdeveloped countries is seen to be compromised from the severe scarcity of malnutrition food, mild toxic impurities, chemical discharges from industries that are not being properly processed and continuously growing pollution which causes several respiratory diseases like asthma, coronavirus, and in some extreme cases the cardiac-vascular problem has been on the top of it.

The availability of medical facilities, as well as the affordability of the individual, pose a profound effect on most people – since medical services aren’t free for all especially ophthalmology and dental, etc, which left the illness being untreated.