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Essay On Human Life after Lockdown


During lockdown people have to work online from homes, students have started studying online by taking online classes, some people have started their online businesses, such as selling clothes, or other accessories, some people are helping others by donating the resources and helping the poor ones by giving them money and safety products (Lau, 2020). Finally, the world is almost at the end of the lockdown which was caused by an awful virus called Coronavirus. Even though there are some rumours that there is no confirmation or surety of what is going to happen in these last days (Blithe, 2017). But in case the lockdown is lifted, every individual would be going back to their work, and everyone back to the life before lockdown, but it does not mean that life should go back to normal rapidly (Thelwall, 2020). People still have to be aware and cautious about the virus and focus and follow more safety and precautions than before in lockdown, such as avoid mass events or gatherings, keeping distance, and wear masks and gloves if travelling, or going out.   

Travelling and Tourism after lockdown

Travelling after lockdown is going to be recovered for sure, but it would be stage by stage and steadily (Alvarez, 2020). The travelling criteria and allowance to travel will vary by region and country by country. There is a possibility that it could take 18 months for the recovery of international travel. If an individual migrates from one country to another which could be at the top of the outbreak of the infection, there is going to be an isolation period of 2 weeks even if that individual has been tested negative for COVID-19 (Gottschalk, 2016). In short, travelling in coming days would be only for a valid purpose so that there could be less crowd and this would lessen the chances of spreading the virus, such as for some business meetings or dealings, and these businesses travelling have to be for limited employees who would be travelling for the company (Peto, 2020). Travelling through trains or taking flights would get more expensive and there is a possibility that the management of airlines shortens the number of travellers because of social distancing, like leaving the middle seats empty. Travelling has to be more concerned and have strict rules for an individual who would be travelling. There should be more safety measures considered during travelling, such as providing masks, sanitizing the travellers, and keeping the distance (Taylor, 2015).

Markets after lockdown

Most of the shops and markets have started reopening in all over the world and its nations (Chagoya, 2017). People have also started visiting markets in the form of a huge crowd. This shows a big threat of an increase in the spread of the virus. People are visiting markets and buying stuff without having any safety gadgets. But in some nations, the government is providing safety measures and not allowing the continuation of the markets and other crowded places (Chintalapudi, 2020). After the lockdown, people still have to keep this in mind that the virus has not fully vanished, and to consider all the important precautions, such as wearing medicated masks and gloves, sanitizing their hands, and avoiding crowded places. When the markets would be reopening after lockdown, everything might get more expensive, because many sales and businessman have already faced a huge loss in the business due to the outbreak of this virus.   In some countries and cities, the government and the citizens are following the strict safety rules to lessen the chances of being infected (Jones, 2017). After the reopening of the markets, the shopkeepers and the management of big stores or shops, have to provide the safety for the customers, by making the salesmen wear gloves and masks and communicating through distance.

Schooling system after lockdown  

Schools, colleges, universities, and every educational institute all around the world have been closed during lockdown since these few past months. This has led to some online sessions and classes for the students according to their courses. Students are attending online classes, giving examinations, and doing other online activities. In the upcoming days, even after the end of lockdown, the government should not allow the reopening of schools or universities and any other educational institute. Because it would be so difficult to manage and keep the safety measures during the school timing when the classes would be full of students. It would not be possible to keep the distance between everyone at school, and this could cause more chances of someone being infected. Lives could get in danger because there is no proper vaccine invented for the cure of this infection in today’s date. The only cure for being safe from the COVID-19 virus is to protect yourself from any direct contact with each other or any other surface which could be carrying the virus. So there should be no reopening of educational institutes until the scientists finally invent a vaccine for the cure of this virus. So, it would be better for the students to stay at home and take online lessons.


As the government has decided to lift the lockdown, many shopkeepers and other workers are already back to the jobs, and many people are going out recklessly, without any safety equipment. Some places, which are mostly crowded such as shopping malls, parks, and clubs have still not got permission to be reopened (Buser, 2015). There is still an increase in the cases of infected people by COVID-19, all around the world, and there is no vaccine for the cure yet. The only way to stay safe is to maintain social distance, not to make any direct contact with each other, wear gloves and masks when going outside, sanitizing hands, and wash them more frequently (Lin, 2020). Even after the end of lockdown, people should work from the home, and students should study online to keep the social distance. If the people would start going outside n a form of a huge crowd, there could be more chances of frequent spread of the virus and that could cause more lockdowns in upcoming days. It would be better if the government does not allow the opening of crowded places, such as malls and parks. Because of this lockdown and this situation, most of the shopkeepers are facing a huge loss in the business, and now they have started opening the shops and continued selling products. If this is how it is going to work, then there are more chances of the spread of COVID-19 in upcoming days, and that would lead to more strict lockdowns.