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Trump Impeachment Odds

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Congress has the power to remove a president from the office, no president has forced to leave the office in the history of united states.  But, an exceptional case was of Richard Nixon who rather did want to face an impeachment enquiry; hence he thought it would be better if he resigned from the office. Otherwise, history could have been written for the very first time. The authority of the congress is a constitutional right, and the impeachment is commonly known as forcing someone to leave the office but it only means to file charges against the president of the candidate under the inquiry. Those charges can then lead towards the jail, while the formal process is that when the house of congress impeaches the president then a trial has been undertaken on the basis of those filed charges. The impeachment can be done on any federal office official, who has to be removed from holding the federal in coming time.

Until now, almost 19 people have been impeached, that includes two presidents Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson. In that case, the Senate voted in their favour and they were not been convicted. When three articles of impeachment have been approved by the committee, Nixon then resigned and before it was voted by a full house. Impeachment is never a good sign for the political career of a person or even for their normal life, it curses the attributes of many well-versed people in past. Treason and bribery are the two main causes because of which a president can be impeached, although the constitution is unable to define the third cause in an elaborate way; that is misdemeanours and high crimes. Misdemeanours and high crimes could be stated as those crimes that might be worse as compared to treason or bribery.

Misusing the office or power for financial gain includes these three types of crimes that could be attempted or conducted by the president and for which he or she can be convicted for that. If the president is not acting in a manner, even then the president could be convicted. A moment of history; this is the main term that is used for the impeachment offence. The impeachment charges the president or the other individual on the basis of political punishment but not on the basis of the criminal charges.

Misdemeanours and high crimes have also become a debate since the term is stated as vague since the impeachment is indicated as a political act but not a legal one. Also, there are no clear rules for the assessment of a president, when it is realized that the president is not going by the books and taking a decision for his own benefit. Andrew Johnson in 1868 was being impeached; it was a fight over the civil war reconstruction.  The federal law was being supposedly violated, and various officials have been removed, without having the approval of the senate. Against Nixon, obstruction of justice, abuse of power, contempt of congress, use of FBI and CIA were the main charges that were filed. It could also be noted that now, trump is facing impeachment inquiry where several witnesses have testified against him and his policies that were to investigate the former vice president and his son.