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Essay on Waste Disposal


There is not enough problems in this world, but humans are stacking their problems one by one. Humans are finding their ways to create a problem, that becomes global throghout the years. Waste disposal is also one of the global issues that has been faced by human beings all around the world. Denmark is in the top of the list, since it has been generating the waste in higher numbers as compared to any other country. On the other hand, South korea is one of the example of such cities that has imposed a tax on waste production. 

Why Waste production and its disposal is a worldwide issue?

It has been estimated by scientists that the developed countries are producing more garbage as compared to the under developed countries. Since, the developed countries are continuosuly developing their infrstarcuture and everything is upto-date. Countries like United states, New zealand, Denmark are in the list of those countries that are contributing to a large amount of waste. in OECD countries, it has been estimated in 2014 that 1.4kg of waste has been produced by a person. 

Why Higher income countries generates most of Waste

It has been indicated that people living in developed countries especially those that are higher income people, consumer goods that are packaged. For instance; Cars, Cellphone , electronics and they change their electronic equipment very soon, so they produce a lot of waste. Humans know how to produce waste, but they have lesser ways to dispose it off. We have things like electricity generation from the waste but it works to an extent. We dont have enough landfills or dumping sites, that is the reason why we have problems of disposing the waste. Although, most of the waste creted in the lower-income countries is subjected to biodegradable organic materials. 

What taxes should be imposed for inappropriate waste disposal 

Governments cannot do enough, but they can impose tax on plastic bags, so that people start using alternative, like shopping bags made of cotton, that are re-usable and that could be washed again. Currently only 30 countries are following the plastic bag tax. In more sophisticated systems, the more garbage you produce the more taxes will be implied on you, this is the main way to minimise the waste that you are going to produce. In 1995, South Korea imposed a system that people have to pay for the garbage they produce. The price changes based on their living area, and how much they can afford to pay. Now the waste geenration fell from 1.3kg per person to 0.95 per kg from 1995 to 2014. The rate of recycling rise from 15.4 percent ot 59 perent over the same time. 


These are signifcant numbers and if this system is being imposed in other countries also, then countries could stop the global problam for the waste disposal. The landfill waste also dropped form 97 to only 2 percent in 2014. This is one of the signficant example to reduce the daily waste, to impose taxes on waste genertion, whatever you will generate you have to pay for it. In this way, we are trying to make people understand that we are polluting the world and we are responsible for it, and there is a penalty. Although the global waste will be doubled unitl 2025 to about 2.3 billion.