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Essay on Technology

Technology is a scientific revolution that makes your life easier and more comfortable. Technology is the result of vast scientific experiments. Now in this world of technology human life has totally changed. For decades scientists have been doing research and experiments to invent new technologies day by day that help people in daily life and by using these technologies you can do anything with ease. Many scientific experiments fail but scientists do not stop, trying different methods working on different fields. Now humans become servants of technology that without technology humans can not even drink pure water. Technology is used in every field of of building, for travelling on large vehicles to booking the tickets, order food online, production of crops and agricultural aspects, for the generation of energy that is important for, mineral and mining process, storing large data using software, you can easily communicate people from all over the world, protect the military defence and country Technology has helped develop the more improved economy and takes the country towards advancement, With all these benefits technology becomes a human enemy too, air pollution increases day by day and increases cancer rate in humans.

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The technology was created to solve human problems but it is also becoming a human enemy, in ways that humans have never thought. For instance, there was a movie named as Wall-e in which humans were so fat, that even they were fed by the robots, which indicated that in future humans will be dependent upon technology very large that they would not even eat their food with their bare hands. Even today humans are doing the same things, we are creating smart homes so that the humans can turn on and off their appliance even while sitting on their couch. This is flexibility but this comes with repercussions that humans do not want to work anymore and humans want robots to work for them. We even have crawlers on the internet that extracts data for us. Artificial intelligence is created for the very reason so that in future, the robots will have emotions and they will be able to understand, breathe, cry like humans. These are humans gestures, and only humans are able to feel such gestures but in future when artificial intelligence is being fed to these robots then they would work and understand like humans. 

Humans cannot blame the technology because it is what humans envisioned that technology will be able to help humans but they never envisioned that it will also bring some side effects for humanity. For instance, nowadays children play in their homes with cellphones or play ps4 or Xbox and they tend to feel tired when their parents ask them to go out and have some physical exercise. Therefore, kids are also relying on technology to amuse them and they forbid playing outside and do not want to engage in any physical actions. Elon Musk, in a podcast of Joe Rogan, said, that he fears the work that has been done by Google and he fears that robots and artificial intelligence will take over the humans. In his views, humans have to slow down and to limit the exposure of the artificial intelligence, since we upload loads and loads of content on the internet and hence we all are feeding to improve the internet or the artificial intelligence.